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Letters to the Editor, April 28

Debt is sickening

My wife and I were watching the Dollar Debt Clock, and it’s enough to make you sick. It’s over $21 trillion and growing by about $57 billion a month.

We’ve elected people who have no common sense. Our government takes in about $3 trillion and spends close to $4 trillion. By the way, it takes a thousand billion to make 1 trillion.

If you’re seeking the reason for chronic budget deficits and crushing national debt, look no further than entitlement programs. These include Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and many welfare programs. Our state is in debt and there seems to be no easy way out. The PERS program is in trouble with bad decisions made in the past that’s killing us now. Example: a letter to the editor April 1, by Roger Whipple, stated, “The Oregon Public Employees Retirement System shows that a former president of a Portland university receives more than $76,000 a month and more than $913,000 annually, or a retired neurosurgeon who receives nearly $685,000 annual benefits.” There are more examples, you can look them up. Our federal and state budgets are two big reasons we are in serious trouble. Much to pray about.

Gordon DeVos


Mcleod-Skinner stands out

From the first time I heard Jamie McLeod-Skinner speak at the candidate forum on health care last December to each subsequent time, she stands out among the crowded field of Democratic candidates for Oregon Congressional District 2.

Jamie is a rural Democrat living in Eastern Oregon with family and roots in the Rogue Valley, who has been traveling the district listening to constituents’ concerns and needs over the past 10 months. She can reach across the aisle and work with constituents of both/all parties. I encourage residents to look at Jamie’s background, her platform at https://jamiefororegon.com/ and, I am asking for your vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner in the May 15 Oregon primary election.

Delcy Tibbetts


Voting Golden, Crary

I endorse Jeff Golden for reasons already presented on this page. He deported himself with dignity and fairness as a county commissioner when the Medford lumber companies were selling out and he was offering helpful solutions for labor, management and the land. He gives blood at Red Cross drives.

I like my neighbor, Jim Crary, to replace Congressman Walden. He showed pluck in 2016 when he launched a campaign with no support outside of his convictions. He has worked around the world, has a wide perspective on issues, does not rely on money from out-of-state interests, knows rural as well as town issues, and like most of the landowners up here on the Greensprings has worked with his hands to maintain a healthy woodlot. I think Jim would have that level of care for the affairs of our nation.

Sam Alvord


Voting for Goldberg

I have been a nurse in the Rogue Valley for over five years and I encourage everyone to vote for Athena Goldberg on May 15.

Athena has devoted her career to caring for our community as a mental health care provider and knows what needs to be done to fix Oregon’s health care system.

Athena’s mom was a nurse who took care of families on the coast and she grew up knowing the struggles that our caregivers face. Athena clearly understands how the economic and social conditions of our community impact the health of its members. Food and housing are also health care! Understanding this is critical and is the first step toward positive changes.

Throughout her life, Athena has constantly fought to improve Southern Oregon. It’s this kind of leadership and passion we need in Salem. Please join me in voting for Athena Goldberg for the State Senate.

Teresa Deen, RN


Don’t waste your vote

The ballots will soon be in the mail.

I realize it is just as important to vote in the primary as in the general election. I need to vote for the best person to be at the top of the ticket for the final election day.

Who is the most knowledgeable of the important issues to be addressed?

Who will take the initiative to obtain the federal funding to make improvements in our state?

Who will be a member of Congress who actually considers country and her constituents first?

Jamie McLeod-Skinner has all these qualifications. A vote for her would not be wasted, as she would join the other courageous and ethical members of Congress who will make improvements for the needs of our state and our country.

Mary Bertrand


No answer

By near unanimous vote (rare these days), Congress passed sanction authority against Russia. This was to clearly state that the United States will not tolerate foreign powers meddling with our democracy. But, for mysterious reasons, our president won’t act on it.

Instead, he congratulated Putin on having “won” his election. He didn’t discuss Russia’s interference in our own election, nor its poisoning of a man in the UK. As conservative opinion writer Jennifer Rubin wrote, our country’s own president “insists on playing defense counsel for Russia.”

So, in March I asked our Congressman Greg Walden two questions: (1) What does Russia “have” on President Trump to make him behave as a puppet for Russia, against the national interests of the United States? (2) *What is he personally doing to find out?*

No reply. I asked again in April. No reply.

Why is Greg Walden so uninterested in doing his job?

Doug Viner


Yes on 15-175

As an owner of a Southern Oregon manufacturing company, I am keenly aware of the gaps in our trade workforce: electricians, plumbers, HVAC, construction workers, mechanics, metal workers, etc. These jobs pay well and are an important part of our community. The gap will only widen as the baby boomer generation retires, their knowledge and experience gone.

We used to teach these skills in schools; a few schools still do. We need to develop a future workforce that is ready to fill those gaps.

CTE (Career/Technical Education) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, Math) Centers, as well as Maker Spaces, are important to the future of our community and our young people. I’m excited that Medford has a bond on the May 15 ballot to fund CTE facilities. What a great investment!

Time is of the essence. Please vote for our children’s future — yes on Measure 15-175.

Norm Kester, owner, Quantum Innovations Inc.

Central Point

Golden the best choice

Of course, Kevin Stine would like Jeff Golden to step out of the race for the Senate District 3 seat. Golden is the best candidate for that position and has name recognition. He has written of his political position for many years. Of the other candidates, he is the only one I feel I know.

Paul Brown

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, April 28