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Letters to the Editor, April 30

Motorcycle death trap

North Phoenix Road between Foothill Road and Cherry Lane is a death trap for motorcyclists. The fatal accident on Saturday, April 21, is the third motorcycle fatality on that segment of North Phoenix Road in recent memory.

It appears that there may be design deficiencies in the road that are particularly dangerous to motorcyclists. Every fatal accident has occurred on a curve. The city of Medford needs to immediately engage an independent engineering firm to determine if there are design deficiencies in the roadway and if so implement a solution.

Stuart Foster


‘Messaging’ is important

Recently I attended a tea for Jaimie McLeod-Skinner. She talked a lot about “messaging.” I’ve heard that term used in politics before but never understood its importance.

Listening to Jaimie speak, I realized why messaging is an important value to her and important to the rest of us. Messaging means intentionally and carefully using neutral words and phrases that don’t hit the other’s buttons. This facilitates political discussion, avoids stereotypes, bridges political differences and reduces polarization. Skillful messaging is essential as she talks with the diverse population throughout the 20 counties of the 2nd District. Jaimie taught me that by paying careful attention to “messaging” I can increase understanding with my friends and family whose political views differ from mine.

Delores Nims


Golden the best choice

Of course, Kevin Stine would like Jeff Golden to step out of the race for the Senate District 3 seat. Golden is the best candidate for that position and has name recognition. He has written of his political position for many years. Of the other candidates, he is the only one I feel I know.

Paul Brown

Central Point

Vote for Joe Davis

Jackson County is fortunate to have Joe Davis on the ballot for the position of Circuit Court judge. Joe is a Medford native with a diverse professional background through working as a deputy district attorney, corporate in-house counsel, and as a lawyer in private civil practice in Medford.

It is important that Jackson County voters elect a judicial candidate with substantial civil litigation experience. Aside from Joe, no other candidate has such experience. It is critical for any party in a civil matter to have a judge who understands the complex procedural and substantive legal issues that must be decided. The ability to navigate these issues is generally only learned by representing clients on such matters.

In addition to his strong background, Joe has the temperament and character to make a great judge. I urge Jackson County voters to vote for Joe Davis.

Darrel Jarvis


Voting for Blum Atkinson

I am voting for Michelle Blum Atkinson to represent Legislative District 6. Michelle will stay actively engaged for us. I worked with her in getting the Library District created and on other library related projects. She doesn’t quit until the job is done.

When Michelle makes a promise, she can be counted on. She follows through. She brings intelligence, thoughtfulness and well-spoken comment to meetings and public hearings.

Michelle knows Medford and its residents. She has organized us to work on such important issues as libraries, housing and health care for all.

It is an honor to vote for Michelle, to have her represent Medford in the Legislature.

Join me in voting for Michelle.

Carol Doty



What?!It’s only been a year and a half of the Trump presidency and already the Mail Tribune couldn’t continue to fill the Opinion page with the constant Trump bashing? Sunday April 15’s paper was sooo disappointing. Maybe I will renew.

Richard Glimpse


Letters to the Editor, April 30