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Letters to the Editor, May 1

Steamroller of advocacy

Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s director Bill Rauch will decamp in 2019 for a new job in the Big Apple. However, Rauch seems intent on placing a fillip on his Oregon career by infusing that glorious piece of musical theater, “Oklahoma,” with a steamroller of LGBTQ2+ (don’t ask) advocacy.

To those who might question his choices, Rauch issues a demure justification that is as vapid as it is trifling. He avers, “love is love.”

Rauch has prosecuted a penchant for odd casting during his tenure, one of the most bewildering to me being serving up several hefty black women as bourgeois Russian house-fraus in Anton Chekov’s “Cherry Orchard.” Of course, Rauch and others who indulge in social justice advocacy onstage are under the delusion they are “helping” persons that we societal dimwits somehow disadvantage. In fact, most of us easily accept persons’ individual choices while, at the same time, finding Rauch’s approach a brand of soft bigotry steeped in the belief that such folks can’t function without his tender ministrations.

Hubert Smith


Yes to CTE bond

A yes vote will allow the district to raise $25 million in bonding to fund career technical education (CTE) facilities at both North and South high schools. New buildings will add HVAC, carpentry, electric and plumbing programs to the current lineup of CTE offerings.

Employers across Oregon know that the state’s potential for economic expansion depends on the availability of skilled workers. With the passage of Measure 98, local school districts now have funding to develop technical education programs that will engage students and ease the transition from school to work. Bond money will ensure that we have the equipment, labs and workspace necessary for that instruction.

Please vote yes on Measure 15-175.

Pam Marsh

State representative, District 5

‘Livability’ ideas

When I first read the “livability” idea in the MT, I thought it might be something to help the homeless. As I read on to discover this idea was about three new officers.

Maybe these new officers could be gatekeepers of an area where homeless could enter with ID and pitch a tent to sleep at night. In this property, there could be storage lockers, with solar lighting and cameras for safety.

A couple of years ago I was given 4-by-4-by-4, ¾-inch plywood pear boxes, with lids — very sturdy — stack them two high and a couple of hinges and lockable for personals, ie. sleeping bag or extra shoes and socks, and you eliminate the need for shopping carts.

Porta-pots would be wonderful and access to clean water a plus.

Doesn’t someone have a few acres to give this a try? Maybe Quality Fence could donate for quality effort at a low cost.

Nicki Smith


Old enough to vote

Regarding the letter about an 18-year-old not being able to purchase liquor but allowed to purchase firearms I ask this question: Why do we allow 18-year-olds to vote, knowing their vote will affect the community, state and country? Why do we send them to foreign countries to kill or be killed, yet say they aren’t mature enough to own a firearm?

Dick Thomas

Eagle Point

Letters to the Editor, May 1