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Letters to the Editor, May 2

Voting for Goldberg

Athena Goldberg is my choice for the State Senate. I met Athena when she was working on her degree at SOU and her son attended my preschool classroom. She was a busy wife, mom, and full-time student who still was able to spend a little extra time regularly volunteering in my classroom.

When our children attended elementary school, Athena saw the stressful conditions that all teachers face, and did her best to make things a little easier for teachers by helping out however she could. She knows how much it takes to educate our kids, how teachers have to navigate increasing class sizes and an ever-changing curriculum, and how there is a lack of mental healthcare services for our students.

I support Athena because of her compassion for students and her willingness to support teachers — Athena Goldberg has my vote on May 15.

Nikki Heun


Remarks clarified

Regarding the article concerning the piping of the Ashland Canal that appeared in both the Daily Tidings and the Mail Tribune, to clarify:

Of course I understand the importance of conserving irrigation water. My point was that I don’t believe it can be called water “loss” when that 30 percent ”loss” is water leakage that supports lush vegetation along the canal, wildlife, and contributes to moisture in the air ( needed in our dry climate).

Open water itself is attractive. I don’t call that “loss.” Ashland Creek has many of the same advantages and disadvantages but I know of no person wanting to put it underground. An open canal adds to the beauty, desirability and livability of Ashland, especially in the hot summer months. We love living beside it.

I also question how much the percentage of contamination in the the small volume of irrigation water that flows into much larger Ashland Creek affects the overall contamination already in Ashland Creek, which flows as open water, thus of course subject to contamination, through the park.

Beth Martin


Joe Davis for judge

I have known Joe Davis for over 35 years. Joe is the right choice for Jackson County Circuit Court judge.

From an early age, Joe proved highly intelligent, focused and a motivated student, as well as a school leader and fine athlete. Joe’s upbringing in Medford as well as his public education at Hoover Elementary, Hedrick Jr High, and North Medford High School was his platform for excelling in higher education, and then as a legal professional.

His law career has spanned criminal, civil and family law. This is an important distinction. His work in the private sector in corporate law, as well as in his private law firm focused on family law, give him invaluable experience to bring to the bench.

Joe is smart, tough, interested, thoughtful and articulate. Joe Davis is a committed father and husband, and loves the Rogue Valley. A vote for Joe is a smart vote.

Rick Hutchins


Letters to the Editor, May 2