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Letters to the Editor, May 3

Editor’s note: Here are excerpts from another response to our Sunday editorial:

Can you afford Measure 15-175?

Please check out your Jackson County Property Tax Info before you vote on this measure.

What will be the price to business owners if the working class leaves the area? Most of you know people who are having to leave Medford due to tax increases and low wages.

Supporting education is good. All of us are already doing that. However at this rate the children who go to school or are entering the workforce will have to leave with their families.

An option is to have businesses mentor and support schools with these types of programs. They will be the first to benefit.

Another possibility is;

1. Focus on only one of the programs at a time.

2. Complete that project.

3. Prioritize and then go to the next.

This bond measure has numerous projects with no clear direction in how it will go.

Patricia Grissom


Mixed bag

In national politics, we see extreme partisanship, on both sides.

So we should look fairly at accomplishments and mistakes. From this perspective, we should give the Trump administration credit for opening dialogue with North Korea. We should all hope that real progress can be made.

On the other hand, the administration preoccupation with abolishing regulations as supposedly “job-killing” and “burdensome” is wrong-headed. The facts undermine the justification. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) of this administration has released a cost/benefit analysis on regulations enacted during the Obama administration. Contrary to mythology, it clearly demonstrates those regulations are overwhelmingly positive for the country, with benefits outweighing costs 10-to-1, with no effects on jobs.

Based on false assumptions, the administration is dismantling regulatory structures put in place by Democrats and Republicans. Many don’t recall how polluted our country was and how many thousands died from that pollution. One might today visit New Dehli or Beijing for a refresher.

In this area Trump is not MAGA — he is making America polluted again. His undermining of cost-efficient regulations will lead to increasingly dirty air and water for all of us. Please, President Trump, stop this misguided effort!

Robert John Scheelen



In reviewing the recent voter publication explaining candidate positions I find one glaring thought that is missing from everyone.

While they expose broad platitudes about climate information, equality (whatever they mean is absent) education, health care and social justice, no one seems ready or able to stand up for the exploding costs of living in Oregon. Specifically I refer to taxation.

Why is it all they want to propose is “make things better,” but for whom, and how do they plan to do this without increased taxes? What about programs or ideas on how to reduce the costs of government through more oversight of existing costs and finding ways to reduce these costs? It’s time for those who wish to represent the people of Oregon when they go to Salem to be more specific about their intentions.

The majority of our elected persons can’t find a way to do anything without their adding a new tax. It’s time to replace the tax-and-spend crowd.


Shady Cove

Letters to the Editor, May 3