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Letters to the Editor, May 5

Election letter deadline

Letters about races in the May 15 primary must reach us by 5 p.m. Monday, May 7. Letters received after that may not be published, and will not be acknowledged or returned. In the interest of space, please limit election-related letters to 150 words.

Golden is prepared

To distinguish between pre-packaged, unprepared candidates and those who are knowledgeable enough to deserve being elected, it’s best to see the people up close and watch them respond to challenging questions. I recently had such an opportunity at a forum for Democratic State Senate candidates.

A leading candidate to the Democratic nomination, Athena Goldberg, revealed herself as unprepared to represent us in Salem. Although she is sympathetic and animated, she spoke almost entirely in personal, anecdotal example and did not clarify her position on any issues. While it is my hope that more women will prevail in politics, frankly, she has not done her homework, and more problematically, has taken special-interest endorsements.

In contrast, Jeff Golden revealed himself to be fully prepared to become an exceptional state senator. At the forum, he answered questions with specificity, in-depth information and passion. His experience, commitment to democratic ideals and refusal to accept special interest money should motivate us to elect him.

Donna Hertz


Endorsing Gomez

Jessica Gomez is a prime example of what makes Southern Oregon great. She and her husband have lived in our community for 15 years, raising their two daughters and building her company, Rogue Valley Microdevices.

She understands how important it is for government to support well-paying jobs, have affordable health insurance and keep taxes low for hard-working Oregon families. This knowledge of running a business and controlling expenses is crucial in state leadership and will benefit us all.

She is committed to public service, serving on the Oregon Institute of Technology Board of Trustees, the Oregon Business Development Commission, the Chamber of Medford/Jackson County, chairs the Rogue Workforce Partnership and works tirelessly to help small businesses and families thrive.

If you believe we need a strong voice for Southern Oregon in Salem, I urge you to vote Jessica Gomez for Senate District 3 in the Republican primary.

Sen. Alan DeBoer


A proven solution

After Medford decided to fine grocery stores for not retrieving their stolen carts, I decided to take a drive through Medford to see if the thieves were being arrested. Nope! I saw one transient after another pushing obviously stolen carts all over Medford.

Oregon cops take an oath to enforce all the laws of the state, including MPD Chief Sparacino, and if they are enforcing some laws and not others, that meets the definition of dirty, corrupt cops.

Most garbage being left along the Greenway is being rolled there via stolen carts, so make the gates to the Greenway just wide enough for a bicycle or person to go through. If a cop sees a person with a cart outside the parking lot of a store, they should be stopped and made to prove ownership of the cart. If they can’t, cite the person for possession of stolen property, dump out his cart and call the store, if identifiable. If the dumped contents have not been removed within one hour, bring in a garbage truck. Do that every time, everywhere in Jackson County, and the transients will leave for greener pastures.

It’s a proven solution.

Carl F. Worden

Eagle Point

The most qualified

I had the distinct pleasure of hosting a house party for Jamie McLeod-Skinner, running in the Democratic primary for U.S. Representative District 2.

The reason I have chosen to support Jamie is because she is the most qualified candidate to serve our district. She is the only Democrat running who has won two campaigns and held political office.

Jamie has made a life-long commitment to public service with a strong belief of people over politics. Her public service includes positions as a senior city planner, city manager for Phoenix, and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. She received her law degree at University of Oregon with an emphasis on natural resources and water law.

What stands out is her ability to listen to the diversity of viewpoints in District 2. This is what we need — a person who will create dialogue, allowing the people to be a part of the solution.

Diane C. Paulson


Forest Act languishes

With lengthening days, Southern Oregonians are reminded the long, warm days of summer are just around the corner. And while our Rogue Valley summers are second to none, they come with the ever-increasing risk of wildfires, which last summer ruined the final month of summer, devastated our tourist industry and detrimentally impacted the health of all.

Fortunately, Congressman Greg Walden strongly supported the passage of the Resilient Forests Act out of the U.S. House, a bill that will take proactive steps to improve forest management and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires. The bill is now in the U.S. Senate where, sadly, Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley have failed to lobby for its consideration or passage. While their silence begs for business as usual with continued smoke and our valuable natural resources going up in smoke, Walden is once again showing leadership on this critical health and economic issue.

Steven Richie


Letters to the Editor, May 5