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Letters to the Editor, May10

We can’t do better

I have been a fan of Jamie McLeod-Skinner since I first heard her speak, and I was very impressed with her at the Democratic candidates forum at the high school. So I was dismayed by a recent, extremely negative letter about her.

The letter writer apparently had trouble working with Jamie when she was Phoenix City Manager, and he intimated that she would be unable to work effectively with anyone in Congress. Her occupational and public service background, plus endorsements from individuals at the Phoenix City Council, four other city councils, the Bend Education Association, Vale High School, and a former mayor, appear to contradict this.

This writer offered no alternative candidate who would be better, and his closing sentence basically said, “Vote for anyone but her.” I have looked at all the other candidates. I still intend to vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Marti Hawes

Eagle Point

Golden cares

I am a low-income person trying to live in Ashland, which isn’t easy. I clean houses, watch dogs, cats, and plants and try to get by. But I know part of the problem is political and that’s why I’m voting for Jeff Golden for state Senate.

I’ve heard Jeff on the radio and watched him on TV over the years and know his heart is in the right place. He cares about ordinary people like me and wants to see everybody be able to get health care and a decent place to live.

There are a lot of other political people who think it’s just fine to give $200 citations to people who park in the shade for too long or sometimes end up sleeping in their cars. I hope Jeff Golden wins so he can use his experience and knowledge to help improve the lives of many people like me.

Jeanette Carpenter


I value experience

Senate District 3 candidate Athena Goldberg knocked on my door during her canvass in my neighborhood April 27. I am disappointed that political action committee money is pouring into Goldberg’s campaign signaling that the Democratic Party of Portland favors the candidate. Most of us could care less what Portland thinks is best for Southern Oregon.

I informed Goldberg that I would vote for Jeff Golden. As a progressive, who else would I vote for? Jeff Golden was working for progressive causes when I showed up in Southern Oregon over 20 years ago, and he had been at it awhile.

Golden has refused to take money from any special interest — a move that certainly must make Portland uncomfortable. They likely value dependency and obedience. I value experience and an established commitment to Southern Oregon.

Vote Jeff Golden for Senate District 3 Democrat!

Derek Volkart


Letters to the Editor, May10