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Letters to the Editor, May 12

Protect world-class fishing

I am a born and raised Southern Oregonian, and support logging when it is in balance with our other important economies. My fishing guide business depends on the health of our fisheries and a healthy habitat.

The Chetco River offers world-class chinook salmon and winter steelhead fishing that are integral to the economy and culture of Southern Oregon. Maintaining this healthy fishery should be a top priority for decision-makers and the long-term health of our watershed and community.

Last summer the Chetco Bar fire burned over 190,000 acres in the Chetco watershed, much of it at low to moderate severity. Now, the Forest Service is proposing one of the largest timber sales in the Pacific Northwest to allow for post-fire logging of burned trees. If done incorrectly, this will have lasting impacts on these rivers and the fish that rely on this important habitat.

It is important to focus on prioritizing the health of the watershed and fish, by sticking to logging roadside hazards and not building new roads. This will maintain the Chetco River as a world-class destination that keeps people here and brings in a sustainable economy from across the country.

Stuart Warren


Golden gets my vote

Trump said, “when you give money, they do whatever the hell you want …” Does this sit well with you? Do you think “following the money” reveals who influences our politicians? Is it right that money controls them? If it is your group, does it seem fine to have as much influence as possible? To many candidates it’s clearly all about the money.

Meanwhile, candidate for Oregon Senate District 3 Jeff Golden is taking no PAC money.

Jeff has lived in the Rogue Valley for years, participated in the community as a builder, guide, author, parent, innovator and commissioner. Golden steps up to the plate and accepts responsibility.

I watched Jeff at a candidate forum. Jeff does his homework and will speak to and represent Southern Oregonians on our issues, including health care, income equity, climate change and the Jordan Cove proposal.

Don’t forget to vote; Jeff Golden gets mine!

Louise D Shawkat



If you ever wondered who Greg Walden worked for, this paper gave you the answer on the front page.

Money. $3.56 million of it.

Steve Soar


Rauch’s heavy hand

I applaud Hubert Smith’s letter of May 1. As a longtime supporter of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, I’ve been increasingly frustrated with Bill Rauch’s heavy-handed re-creation of classic theater.

Sandra Hendrickson


I have a question

I would like our new breed of Republican patriot to explain how they would feel about anything Trump has said or done if he were a Democrat. Seriously.

If he were a Democrat, would they be OK with him appointing members of his family to political office for personal gain? That’s called nepotism, campers. It’s a no-no, although it’s commonly accepted in non-democratic countries.

If he were a Democrat, would they feel comfortable watching him associate with known dictators, show respect for their tactics and then question our own government and political system? Strangely enough, I can hear them screaming “treason.” But then, that term is not unusual in Third World political dictatorships.

Would they think it proper if a Democrat were to show a consistent lack of dignity and statesmanship while being POTUS? Well, maybe, since now that seems to be acceptable behavior.

Quite a number of these new-style Republicans identify with the self-proclaimed anti-intellectual tea party movement. Being politically correct is no longer a sign of civility, politeness and respect. Those are the annoying attributes favored by the pesky, educated liberals. Like there is a problem with that?

Steve Sutfin


Investing in democracy

My admittedly old-fashioned dictionary defines the word “democratic” as “favoring social equality.” An admirable concept to consider, especially now that election season is well upon us.

Some “war chests,” as the candidates call them, are financed by the national political committees, corporations and special interest groups who find it not only possible to write big checks, but a good investment in case a bit of “influence” might be helpful later on.

In the best interests of social equality? I don’t think so.

Several Jackson County candidates have pledged to not accept this kind of money, to instead reach out to voters asking for individual contributions. My check to Jim Crary, Democrat, candidate for U.S. Representive, 2nd District, is in the mail.

Marjorie O’Harra


No on Measure 15-175

Attention voting renters: Please be advised that the passage of Measure 15-175 along with city fee increases in the utilities to the landowner will surely be passed onto the renters in the form of an increase in rent.

I know there is great concern for those who are in this category, so please gather all the info you need to make an educated decision when you mark your ballot. Those renters who don’t vote and complain about your rent? Well, you had a chance to voice your opinion and you won’t get any sympathy from me.

M. Heitkamp


Press secretary’s price

If it wasn’t obvious before, it certainly has become so recently: Sarah Huckabee Sanders had to sell her personal integrity and credibility to assume the position of White House press secretary. I hope she got more than 30 pieces of silver.

Stan Loer

Grants Pass

‘Happy days’

The bone-spur dodger, aka President Spanky and his gang of sycophants and American oligarchs, are hell-bent on eliminating what they call “job killing regulations.” But before we all start singing, “Happy Days Are Here Again,” maybe we should take look back through history at those happy days to see what there was so much to be happy about.

Was it when our rivers were catching on fire and people couldn’t breathe the air in our cities? Was it when loan sharks ripped us off and banks and stock markets bred depression, or was it when medicines and treatments killed, and cigarette smoke was everywhere? Maybe it was when the exploitation of our public lands left us with all manner of pollution. I could go on and on with examples of those “happy days” because I lived through all of them.

Now that a corporation is a person, they should be regulated like a person, I don’t know of any regulation that has been imposed without the blatant abuse by those being regulated. Not one. Yea, Republicans pine for the good old days, and under President Spanky and his White House gang, we may just get them.

Steve Armantrout


Letters to the Editor, May 12