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Letters to the editor, Aug. 20

Stop selling guns

I never noticed that the Ashland Bi-Mart sells guns until last week, after the horrific shootings in Dayton and El Paso. I was looking for a tent and stopped dead in my tracks (eerie choice of words) on seeing the guns.

As a Bi-Mart member, I wrote to ask that Bi-Mart no longer sell guns in any of its locations. Surely the company can earn enough profits and remain financially stable without depending on sales from deadly weapons. If your readers would also like to ask Bi-Mart to stop selling guns, they can address letters to: Rich Truett, President and CEO Bi-Mart, 220 S. Seneca, Eugene, OR 97402.

Linda Jacobs


Walden is a disgrace

When I called Congressman Walden’s office to criticize Israel’s decision at the behest of Donald Trump to deny two U.S. Congresswomen access to Israel in order to visit occupied Palestine, I was met with arguments.

It should be no surprise that Walden would oppose the democratic belief and choice to boycott Israel. Nor should it be a surprise that he would find himself to the right of AIPAC, who claimed that denying access to the U.S. Congresswomen was a “step too far.”

Greg Walden is out of touch with Southern Oregon and U.S. Democracy. He is an avid Trump supporter and apologist with no objection to the hate, fear and divisive politics that Trump pushes.

He just doubles down on ideological division and reprehensible behavior. Regardless of party, I look forward to being represented by a Congressperson worth respecting. Walden is a disgrace.

Derek Volkart


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