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Letters, June 30

Firework sales risky

It is shocking to see fireworks sales once again set up in the Rogue Valley. We are experiencing one of the driest and hottest seasons on record, water levels are dangerously low, and memories of last year’s fires are still fresh and frightening in many residents’ minds.

Jackson County Commissioners are derelict in their duties to protect citizens and property by not issuing a ban countywide on sales of fireworks for personal use. There are professionally managed, and safe fireworks shows being held to help celebrate our nation’s birthday.

I ask Colleen Roberts and the other county commissioners to provide an explanation of their rationale for allowing sales of fireworks to continue when we are still recovering from last season’s conflagration.

Residents of Jackson County deserve a county commission that will be proactive in fire prevention and protecting citizens and property. To do otherwise seems illogical and posing an unnecessary risk to all.

Susan Pemberton

Shady Cove

Oregon climate crisis

In Representative Marsh and Senator Golden, Southern Oregon has legislators who accept climate science and understand that climate change and the consequent increasing wildfire risk need to be addressed.

These champions of reality and sanity led efforts as the 2021 Legislative session drew to a close, to pass HB2021 which requires that electricity sold in Oregon become 100% fossil free by 2040. We know completely eliminating all fossil fuels from our energy economy is critical to the survival of life on the planet as we know it. Meanwhile, the governor’s 2019 wildfire council report on addressing fire risk, which has been ignored by many legislators, formed the basis of SB762.

Regrettably, both bills passed with little support from our local Republican representatives. We congratulate all legislators who have accepted science and reality but will remember those demonstrating a delusional, purely partisan, and willful failure to accept that we need to address the global climate crisis here in Oregon and we need to undertake sane measures to address the unfortunate consequences of increasing wildfire risk.

Southern Oregonians should support Marsh and Golden and express their disappointment to Senators Linthicum and Robinson and Representatives Brock Smith, Stark, Morgan, Wallan and Breese Iverson.

Alan Journet

Co-facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN)

Fireworks in Phoenix

I know that fireworks are an American tradition, and I too enjoy celebrating with fireworks, but unfortunately it’s a different world today.

With the drought and the remnants of the local fires last year, I just don’t feel safe if the fireworks are not in a protected area, such as a stadium.

Yesterday, I noticed a fireworks tent in the Ray’s market parking lot.

Being a fire survivor, I was greatly concerned about the danger to the public using fireworks this year in our area. There are still many people who have lost everything and are trying to get their lives back. You can see the devastation all the way from Medford to Ashland as you drive down Highway 99.

I called the Phoenix Fire Department on Second Street. They too were very concerned about firework sales.

I feel the decision to sell fireworks is very irresponsible given how fresh the scars are from the fires last year.

Please don’t support these sales. I don’t want to deny the owners of the fireworks stands a chance to make a living, just not at the expense of our community’s safety.

Leslee Freeman-Swogger