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COMPANY: Twenty20 Inc.


AVAILABILITY: In January at vholdr.com

THE DETAILS: This "wearable camcorder" targets skiers, bikers and any others who want to record their sports adventures and share the videos online. The five-ounce camera can be attached to helmets, goggles or handlebars using special mounts for hands-free filming. It has a built-in microphone to capture audio and a large ON/OFF button the company says can be used with the "thickest of gloves." Two lasers help wearers adjust the camera before filming to make sure the lens is aligned with the horizon. The VholdR can store up to 100 minutes of video on an included two-gigabyte memory card. Special software helps users share their videos on YouTube.

A bracket for attaching the camera to a helmet is included; mounts for goggles or handlebars cost extra.

— The Wall Street Journal

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