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Adidas adiStar Fusion apparel

Adidas adiStar Fusion apparel

COMPANY: Adidas and Polar Electro


THE DETAILS: This high-tech Adidas apparel and footwear targets runners willing to pay a premium for instant feedback. Shirts and sports bras include built-in heart-rate sensors from Polar, which wirelessly transmit data to a wristwatch computer. The sneakers contain a "stride sensor" in the sole, which relays speed and distance to the watch. The watch unit tracks workout progress, and users can download data to a computer to get an analysis of their training regimen. (The system examines speed and heart-rate figures to see how efficiently the body is using oxygen, a measure of fitness level.)

THE BOTTOM LINE: The clothes are machine washable, but users have to remember to remove the electronics first. Flexible sensors sewn into the clothing eliminate the need for a chest strap, but the running shirt and sports bra still need to fit snugly (contacting skin) in order for the heart-rate monitor to work. While items can be purchased separately, users need all three components to take advantage of all the features.

— The Wall Street Journal

Adidas adiStar Fusion apparel