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Fort Stevens State Park

Oregon's secret weapon is rain.

Only a true outdoor-loving Oregonian would even consider a trip to the northwest corner of the state in the middle of winter.

While it's true that temperatures this time of year at Fort Stevens State Park will sometimes climb into the upper 40s, it's also true that you can expect over 12 inches of rain during each winter month, and let's not even think about the coastal winds.

But that's what makes winter such a good time to visit. There aren't a lot of tourists and you'll be in the company of people like you, the kind who really know how to enjoy outdoor living.

There's a year-round campground and lots of activities — fishing, hiking, swimming, white-water paddling, and playing golf on fog-shrouded fairways.

Originally an army installation, Fort Stevens stood guard over the mouth of the Columbia River from the Civil War through World War II.

If the weather gets a bit too moist, you'll find shelter in a military interpretive museum and also in the only enclosed Civil War earthworks still standing on the West Coast.

More information is available at www.oregonstateparks.org/park_179.php, or by calling the State Park Information Center, 800-551-6949.