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Garmin Rino 530HCx Walkie-Talkie

COMPANY: Garmin Ltd.


THE DETAILS: This walkie-talkie includes GPS technology to help talkers locate each other and avoid getting lost. When one person speaks into the radio, companions nearby can see the speaker's location in a screen on their radios. The radio can also perform a "sweep" to show all other Rino users within the area (users can disable the feature if they don't want to reveal their locations). Garmin says this version improves on an earlier model, with a stronger GPS receiver that won't be hindered by heavy tree cover or deep canyons. The radios come preloaded with basic maps of the U.S., and the memory-card slot can be used to load more-detailed maps, such as those with topographical information (though such maps can cost up to $250 extra). The company says the rechargeable battery lasts about 14 hours.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The devices don't show detailed maps for places like ski trails and amusement parks, where walkie-talkies are often used to keep in touch. The device boasts a 14-mile range, but only for those who have a special FCC license. Others will be limited to about two miles.

— The Wall Street Journal

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