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Waterproof Camcorder



THE DETAILS: Sanyo's waterproof camcorder is aimed at families who want to capture video on snorkeling trips or in the backyard pool. The Xacti E1 has a "water-tight design" that includes rubber seals for the screen and battery, gaskets around each button and metal (instead of plastic) parts to resist water pressure. In addition to filming underwater, the E1 can capture audio while submerged and snap digital photos. The palm-sized device, which weighs about eight ounces and has a 2.5-inch LCD display that flips out from the body, is designed for one-handed operation. It can film for up to 80 minutes without recharging and can store up to 10 hours of video on an eight-gigabyte memory card (not included).

BOTTOM LINE: Scuba divers beware: the E1 shouldn't go deeper than five feet underwater, and shouldn't be submerged for longer than 60 minutes. The E1 costs 25 percent more than the Xacti CG65, a nearly identical model that lacks the water-resistant design.

— The Wall Street Journal

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