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Epson P-5000 Multimedia Viewer

MANUFACTURER: Seiko Epson Corp. (www.epson.com)


THE DETAILS: Epson is aiming the P-5000 at professional photographers or advanced amateurs who take a tremendous number of snapshots on the go. The portable device incorporates a hard drive with memory card slots where users can offload digital photos, freeing up their cards for another round of pictures. The gadget has a storage capacity of 80 gigabytes — enough for about 50,000 pictures taken with a six-megapixel camera (capacity varies significantly depending on photo size and file format). A high-resolution, four-inch LCD screen lets photographers review and organize shots. The P-5000 supports a wide range of photo formats, including JPEG and RAW, a file type favored by pros that tends to suck up a lot of storage space. The gadget, which can move its stored photos to both Windows and Mac systems, can also be used to play videos and music.

THE BOTTOM LINE: While the P-5000 offers photo-centric features not found on other media players, it carries a premium price (Apple's 80-gigabyte iPod, which has a smaller screen for viewing photos and can't accept memory cards, sells for half as much). Pros committed to carrying additional gear might opt for a laptop instead.

— The Wall Street Journal

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