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'The best' waterfall hikes in Oregon

While it may be impossible to objectively choose a list of "the best" waterfalls in Oregon, we asked two waterfall experts to give it a try.

Gregory A. Plumb, author of "A Waterfall Lover's Guide to the Pacific Northwest," and Mike Toohey, a waterfall hunter from Talent, rolled up their sleeves, considered the options and here's what they say:

Both like Silver Falls State Park east of Salem, with its impressive collection of falls, and each says Lower Kentucky Falls west of Eugene is well worth the hike.

Plumb's other favorites include:

Columbia Gorge: His "no-brainer" is Multnomah Falls, the granddaddy of all Oregon falls, plunging 620 feet; his "hidden jewel" in the Gorge region is Triple Falls, three fingers of water dropping 130 feet into Oneonta Creek.

North Coast Range: His favorite is Munson Creek Falls, the highest named falls in the Coast Range that drops 266 feet over rugged cliffs in a lush, green setting; Plumb's hidden jewel is Drift Creek Falls, which includes a suspension bridge overlooking the cascading water.

South Coast Range: Plumb loves Golden Falls, a 200-plus-foot falls in Golden and Silver Falls State Park east of Coos Bay; his hidden jewel is Lower Kentucky Falls.

Middle Cascades: Plumb picks any of the falls in Silver Falls State Park as his best bet for waterfall hunters in this region; for his hidden jewel, Plumb advises a trek to Koosah Falls, which drops 82 feet into a huge pool. (Plumb consulted on the 2006 movie "Seraphim Falls" starring Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson, which included scenes filmed at Koosah of a man plunging over the falls.)

South Cascades: Plumb likes Grotto Falls (a trail passes behind the 100-foot falls), and his hidden gem is Salt Creek Falls, a 286-foot natural wonder that plunges into a canyon near Willamette Pass.

Columbia Plateau: White River Falls (90 feet) is located in one of Oregon's newer state parks; his hidden jewel is Falls Creek Falls in the Wallowas (one of four Falls Creek Falls throughout Oregon).

Toohey's Southern Oregon favorites are: Toketee, Lemolo, Mill Creek, Watson and National Creek Falls.