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Ocean Outlook

COASTWIDE - Only Pacific halibut anglers are allowed outside the 40-fathom line for the first round of all-depth halibut fishing, which runs Friday through Sunday south of Cape Falcon.

For the remainder of rockfish species, the ocean is closed outside of the 40-fathom line (defined by waypoints) until Sept. 30 for all rockfish, lingcod, all flatfish (except Pacific halibut during all-depth open days) greenling, cabezon and skates.

Complete regulations and waypoints for the 40-fathom are available online at www.dfw.state.or.us/resources/fishing/. Rockfish seasons remain open inside the 40-fathom curve.

Near-shore halibut fishing opens today, with fishing best off the Central and Northern Oregon coasts.

A minus-tide series continues through Sunday, which should make for excellent clamming. Saturday's tide will be -1.2 feet at about 11:10 a.m. and Sunday's will be -0.5 feet a little after noon. Expect minor fluctuations in the exact low-slack tide based on location. Saturday's tide should expose more razor clam beds for harvest.

The recreational harvest of all shellfish, including all clams and mussels, is open coastwide but harvesters should check for current closures by calling the ODA shellfish hotline at 1-800-448-2474.

The daily limit for razor clams is the first 15 taken regardless of size or condition.

For more information on clamming check www.dfw.state.or.us/MRP/shellfish.

Crabbing is slow coast-wide as water conditions have hampered crabbing in bays.

BROOKINGS - Small-craft advisories likely will keep rockfish anglers home until early Saturday, when some good lingcod and black rockfish catches are likely near shore until the winds and swells kick up by mid-morning. Shrimp flies and glow-in-the-dark jigs are the top choices.

GOLD BEACH - Surfperch fishing remains fair to good in the mornings at open beaches and the Rogue River mouth, but a rougher surf forecast for later this week likely will push perch schools further away from the beach.

COOS BAY - Crabbing has picked up a little, and the cold water conditions have allowed the crabs to remain hard-shelled.

Sturgeon fishing is poor.

Black rockfish fishing is good with spinners and flies around the North Jetty, while pile perch are biting under the Highway 101 bridge on mussels or sandshrimp.

WINCHESTER BAY - Spring chinook are starting to move into the bay, but catches are light. Sturgeon fishing remains fair and fish are scattered throughout tidewater.

Crabbing is slow.