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Ocean Outlook

COASTWIDE - Ocean conditions look iffy today and Friday for most ocean fishing as new storm fronts have put some wind and chop to near-coast waters. It's not good for fishing but it creates good spring ocean-rearing conditions for young salmon and steelhead that are heading to the ocean.

Bottomfish anglers must now stay within the 40-fathom curve when going after black rockfish and lingcod. That's fine, because they're close to shore and the mouths of deep-water estuaries right now.

Fishing for rockfish and greenling has been decent from shore when the calm seas allow for it. Concentrate your fishing near rocky outcroppings and drop-offs.

The rockfish limit is now seven. The lingcod limit remains two per day with a 24-inch minimum length.

Crabbing remains very slow in the open ocean and most bays, with Dungeness catches tapering off through spring.

The entire Oregon Coast is still open for the recreational harvest of mussels now that levels of paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins, also known as PSP, continue to register at safe levels.

BROOKINGS - Lingcod fishing out of Brookings was the best in the state last week, when anglers averaged one lingcod apiece. Jigging off rockpiles close to shore is working well. Heavy surf, however, has kept anglers on shore this week.

Surfperch fishing remains very good in the mornings while the surf and winds are down. Winchuck Beach has been best.

COOS BAY - Crabbing remains slow. Fishing for pile perch under the Highway 101 bridge is good with mussels or sandshrimp fished right next to pilings. Fishing off the North Jetty for black and blue rockfish, as well as lingcod, has been very good.

GOLD BEACH - Surfperch fishing has slowed now that the river has risen and is turbid. Look for surfperch fishing to resume next week when the surf dies down.

WINCHESTER BAY - Fishing is picking up a little for sturgeon now that the water is murky.