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Going wild in Oregon

If you'd like to get out in the wilderness, but aren't quite sure whether you've got the know-how, you need to find someone who can give you a hand, or at least point you in the right direction.

Oregon Wild (www.oregonwild.org) has been doing just that since 1974.

Its primary mission is to protect and, if needed, restore Oregon's wild lands, wildlife and water.

One way to do that is to lead hikes and expeditions into the wilderness and expose Oregonians and their friends to the things that make Oregon special. It's a safe way to go wild and learn what you're looking at when you see it.

Maybe you'd like to find some exotic mushrooms and explore those shade-loving fungi with a scientific expert; or take a rugged hike along the Rogue River; or find out where the condors are and how well they're coming back in the wild.

Oregon Wild's Web site is filled with wilderness information covering all points of view. The online WildBlog gives conservationists, BLM, ODF and Forest Service personnel a place to discuss and debate the latest environmental issues.

You can learn about the next wilderness adventure by e-mail (info@oregonwild.org), or you can contact one of Oregon Wild's three offices. Portland, 503-283-6343; Bend, 541-382-2616; or Eugene, 541-343-0996.

Writer Bill Miller lives in Shady Cove. Reach him at newsmiller@yahoo.com.