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Medford teen's rattlesnake ordeal is scheduled for airing on Sunday

The ordeal of a Medford teen who survived a rattlesnake bite July 4, 2006, while rafting with his family in the Wild and Scenic Section of the Rogue River will be aired this weekend on cable television.

The episode of "Got Home Alive," chronicling Spencer Funk's battle for life and the efforts of family members to get him out of the canyon, is scheduled for airing at 1 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 27, on the Travel Channel, station 53 on Charter Cable.

The Funks were featured in the Nov. 18 edition of Oregon Outdoors.

The show chronicles how 14 family members, some visiting from the East Coast, dealt with their first night in the canyon while camping in the Whisky Creek area after Spencer, then 11 years old, was bitten by a small rattlesnake.

The show details the problems faced by family members and rescue crews before they could load a morphine-dosed Spencer into an ambulance for a middle-of-the-night sprint to Three Rivers Community Hospital in Grants Pass.

There, Spencer received 14 units of antivenom. After two days in the hospital and two weeks of rehabilitation, the boy was on the road to recovery.

The 17-year-old North Medford High School junior has since fully recovered.

The 30-minute show will include interviews with Spencer and other family members, photos of the area where the drame unfolded, and scenes that were re-created by actors in Southern California.