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Fishing report: Friday, Jan. 14


COASTWIDE: A small-craft advisory is in effect through Friday morning. Winds are forecast up to 20 knots Friday and swells building to 11 feet. Saturday’s forecast calls for winds up to 15 knots in the afternoon and swells topping out at 9 feet. Sunday is better but still not good, with 10-knot winds and 8-foot swells.

The general marine bag limit is five fish in aggregate, with copper, quillback or China rockfish no longer part of the daily limit for boat anglers. Bank anglers are under a different quota for those species and can still keep them. That includes those fishing off jetties. The lingcod limit is two fish over 22 inches.

Surfperch fishing is likely to be a bust again this weekend due to heavy surf that will push perch offshore. Sandshrimp and mussels are the best baits, with plastic sand worms and shrimp as secondary choices.

Razor clam digging remains closed from Cape Blanco to the California border because of elevated levels of domoic acid in clams. Before digging, call the shellfish hotline at 1-800-448-2474.

Recreational crabbing is open in the ocean, and catches have been excellent so far in the ocean and bays such as lower Coos Bay at Charleston.


AGATE: The lake received 2,500 legal-sized rainbow trout in early June. Troll worms or fish worms or PowerBait under bobbers near the county boat ramp. Bank anglers need to stay off the ramp. The lake is still just 35% full but filling fast with turbid water. Electric trolling motors are OK. The park closes at dusk.

APPLEGATE: The Hart Tish Park boat ramp and dock are closed due to low water. The French Gulch and Copper ramps are usable. Fish for rainbows with PowerBait or worms from the bank or slowly troll Tasmanian Devil lures spiced with a piece of worm. Bass fishing has been fair to good with plastic worms and grubs fished slowly off the bottom along rocky points and flats. The lake is 81 feet from full and the normal filling schedule begins Feb. 1.

DIAMOND: Heavy snow has hampered access to the lake.

EMIGRANT: The lake is still mired at 6% full, and that has all but shut off angling activity. Some bank fishing for catfish with chicken livers has been good.

EXPO: State wildlife biologists stocked 120 trophy trout in late November. Catch them with Panther Martin lures, single salmon eggs or worms under bobbers. Parking fees are required.

FISH: Some people have been venturing out onto the ice this past week but there are no solid reports about how firm the ice is. Use caution. Fishing is typically best near the springs off the resort and near the Forest Service ramp. Worms and small jigs are typically the best bets. All tiger trout must be released.

HOWARD PRAIRIE: The lake is open, but access is very poor. The lake was stocked with 50,000 fingerling rainbows Oct. 8. The lake is 5% full and it appears to have bottomed out. Fishing access is best near the dam. Anglers can keep five trout a day, with just one longer than 20 inches.

HYATT: The lake was up a hair to 4% full Tuesday. Access is poor. The limit is five trout a day, with just one over 20 inches. No fingerling trout have been stocked so far this year.

LAKE OF THE WOODS: The lake is starting to ice over but not a lot of action yet.

LOST CREEK: The lake received 7,300 more trout in October, including 2,300 trophy trout. Bank fish with PowerBait near the ramp. Wind-drifting worms above Peyton Bridge has been good. The lake Tuesday was 24 feet below the normal late-season target for flood control as outflows have steadied at 900 cfs.

MEDCO: The lake was last stocked with 1,100 legal-sized trout in June. Fishing is slow.

SELMAC: The lake was last stocked with 1,000 legal-sized trout in mid-May and that’s it until February. Fish for them with worms or PowerBait. Bass are active.

WILLOW: The lake received another 4,000 legal-sized rainbow trout in mid-May and that’s it until next March. Fish them with worms or PowerBait near the county boat ramp and deeper water across the lake.


ROGUE: The lower Rogue has been very good for winter steelhead fishing just upstream of tidwater, while winter steelhead are now getting caught in the lower stretch of the middle Rogue near Galice. The upper Rogue remains OK at best for late-run summer steelhead but most are too dark to keep and too old to entertain.

That makes the lower Rogue the best bet for winter steelhead. Boat and bank anglers have had a solid week this week fishing from the top of Huntley Bar down to Elephant Rock, with a mix of magLip 4.5 plugs, Spin-Glo’s and roe working. Most of the fish are in the 8- to 10-pound range, which is typical for the Rogue.

The entire upper Rogue is open to bait, lures, flies of all sorts and plugs, so empty your arsenal after the late-run summers. Early winter steelhead haven’t made it here yet.

Water flows are back down, with just 169 cfs at Dodge Bridge and forecast to drop steadily into next week. The flows out of Lost Creek Lake are holding at 900 cfs.

Some hatchery coho are getting caught in the far upper Rogue on roe, spinners and some plugs. All wild coho must be released unharmed. coho numbers are way off the charts good.

In the middle Rogue, some early winter steelhead are getting caught in canyon waters just upstream of Grave Creek and in the seams around Galice. Flows at Grants Pass were down to 2,459 cfs and forecast to drop into next week as no new rains are in the immediate forecast.

The Hatchery Hole is open for summer steelhead and coho anglers, and a few fish have been caught by fly-fishers nymphing with Ugly Bugs and single salmon egg point flies. The Hatchery Hole is permanently closed to all chinook fishing and will remain open only for steelhead. Bait such as worms and roe are legal now, and that has worked for some coho prepping to move into the hatchery

APPLEGATE: The river is open to winter steelhead fishing and some spawned-out summer steelhead are getting caught and released but no fresh winter fish have been documented. There is no fishing from a floating device, but roe, worms and corkies, flies and plugs all work for wading anglers.

CHETCO: The river was dropping and clearing for winter steelhead anglers through the weekend, with steelhead well distributed throughout the system. Flows were listed Thursday at 3,366 cfs, and that’s pretty darn good for steelhead fishing with roe and yarn balls. Look for flows to drop daily. Stay mobile and expect crowds.

NORTH UMPQUA: The river is open for winter steelhead fishing after a lengthy closure to protect low runs of summer steelhead. No fresh winter steelhead have been reported caught yet.