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A brotherhood of bands

There's a brotherhood of bands up and down Interstate 5, says Nate York, guitarist and band leader for The T Club. "We have great relations-hips with other musicians around Oregon," York says. "Everyone helps each other out."

So when The T Club performs in a Medford club, the band's lineup may include players from Grants Pass, Eugene or Portland, he says.

The T Club will perform at 8:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, at Habañeros Mexican Restaurant, 142 N. Front St., Medford.

"Playing clubs can be difficult," York says. "Sometimes people just want to drink beer and hit on girls and not really listen to the music."

The T Club formed in late 1999 in the Rogue Valley with an original lineup that included frontman York on guitar, Mark Anderson on bass and DJ Redeye on keys, turntables and percussion. Since then the lineup has changed to include Graham Jacobs on saxophone. The slot for the band's drummer is in transition.

"Erik Maynard, who is a drummer with a Grants Pass group called Forty 2 5, and vocalist Michelle Bellamy from Ashland will be joining us for the shows at Habañero's," York says. "Life takes over and things change. We're just friends getting together to play music.

"We play reggae influenced positive dance music, that's what I like to call it," York says. "Our sound changes depending on the musicians that join us for a gig. It makes playing music fun."

The T Club performs around Medford and at clubs such as Diablo's and Lucky's in Eugene, River City Saloon in Hood River and The Landmark in Yachats.

"But our favorite venues are festivals," York says. "People come to music festivals to hear music. CD sales and T-shirt sales are good at those events, and they're a great place to network with other musicians and meet people."

The group has performed at the Mount Shasta World Music Festival, Reggae on the Mountain in Cottage Grove and September Blend and Summer Circus in Selma.

"It's more about playing that money," York says. "Money won't make those dead nights at bars any better or worse."

York does most of the songwriting for his band, and the members collaborate on the arrangements.

"My favorite song right now is called 'Resolution,' because it's the most pertinent in my life right now. It's about making decisions and following them. Just as we stall in our personal lives, it seems that society and our government takes months before acting on a decision, such as getting troops out of Iraq."

Go to www.thetclub.com or myspace.com/thetclub to hear music by the group.

Cover for the show at Habañeros is free.

Call 779-9770.

Mark Anderson, Jack Morrison, Nate York, DJ Redeye and Graham Jacobs are members of The T Club. - Image This Photography