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Leaping to celebrate the year

Ashland's Moment in Time Dance Company will commemorate leap year with two dance performances. The Leap Year Celebration Concert will take place at 8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 29, and Saturday, March 1, at the Oak Street Dance Studio, 1287 Oak St., Ashland.

The program will feature seven dances. Opening the show will be songs by the Montano Soul duo of singer Anna Christensen and guitarist Tom Klinefelter.

Moment in Time dancers will present "The Stillwater Suite," with live accompaniment by Gary Creek, Anna Christensen, Tom Klinefelter and Gary Schrodt. The dancers also will perform a full-length version of a dance called "Awaken," and three other new pieces including one choreographed by company member Joyce Galvin. Dancers in Moment in Time include Katie Ali, Emily Baylor, Galvin, Evan Prickett and Leah Schrodt. Rosalind Schrodt founded the company in 1996 and serves as the company's artistic director.

Local belly dancer Asya, who has been belly dancing for more than 30 years as well as teaching it, will perform a special dance in the show.

Vanessa Nowitzky, another Ashland resident, will present two of her newest works in Singdancing, an art form that she helped pioneer. Nowitzky's work combines voice musical composition with dance choreography. She will present her newest dance with five other singer/dancers.

The Hawaiian dance group Hula O Kahwai ("Hula of the Valley"), will perform three dances featuring members Lisa Bailey, Ann Craner, Nani Sallee and Lin Roden. Formed in 2006, Hula O Kahawai is under the direction of Barbara Chung. While dance is the focus of Hula O Kahawai, the troupe incorporates Hawaiian language, crafts, history and legend into their activities as well.

Tickets are $10-$15 on a sliding scale and will be available at the door. See www.oakstreetdance.com or call 482-6821.

Moment in Time Dance Company will be one of the featured dance groups in the Leap Year Celebration Concert. - Moment in Time Dance Company