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The Hollowbodys at Johnny B's

Punk rock 'n' roll band The Hollowbodys are set to break out of Medford for a two-week tour that will include shows in Reno, Nev., Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and Portland.

The four-piece unit will be supporting its new EP, "Cherish The Day ... Or leave it to dust," a collection of five new songs.

"We leave March 5 after a going-away party," says Kimbo Workman, guitarist and vocalist for The Hollowbodys. "Idle Threats (also from Medford) will be touring with us. We've been looking forward to this for quite awhile."

The going-away party will be the opening act for Seattle-based punkers, The Whoremoans, at 9 p.m. Wednesday, March 5, at Johnny B's, 35 S. Bartlett St., Medford.

Formed about five years ago as Suicide Scandals, The Hollowbodys' lineup features Workman, bassist Kyle Cregan, guitarist Silas Shand and drummer Justin Miller.

The new EP on Mental Records's label features tunes and lyrics that were collectively written by the members of the band, with key lyrics by Shand and Workman.

"One of the songs that Silas wrote, 'The Battle,' is about unifying life's struggles into something that can be enjoyed," Workman says. "I wrote the lyrics for 'Invisible Cigarettes' and 'Blood Runs Cold.' Most of the songs are about celebrating life and the struggle to live it."

The band's previous recordings include "Heartache and Revolution," a full-length CD produced early last year at The Complex, a do-it-yourself recording studio in White City. Two of the songs on the CD, "Revolution Will Be Crashing Down Like a Fist From the Heavens" and "Can't Stop Drinking," are featured on punk rock compilations put together by independent labels in Southern California and Portland. One label is On the Rag Records based in Norco, Calif.

"That label belongs to Renee Bryant of All or Nothing HC," Workman says. "Her compilations usually feature female-fronted bands." A look at the role of females in the punk music scene featuring Bryant is available on YouTube.

"It's no different than being a man in a band," Workman says. "We have a very strong equality in our band. It's like you play music and you have such a passion for it. It's the reason you get out of bed in the morning, that thrill of being musicians, that is where it's at. I like music that is honest, music that leaves me with positive energy.

"We're gonna jump in a van and make that tour happen," she says.

The Hollowbodys' new EP and merchandise will be available at the show at Johnny B's. Call 773-1900.

The Hollowbodys' new EP, 'Cherish The Day ... Or leave it to dust,”