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Shotgun Party at Paschal Winery

Austin, Texas, is home to many bands whose sound is unmistakably Texan, but also decidedly innovative. That makes the bands' sounds hard to classify but lots of fun to listen to. One of the newest of these musical standouts is a three-piece ensemble called Shotgun Party.

The original Shotgun Party trio met in a Texas bar in 2006. They got their start performing weekly at Austin's own Continental Club.

Now they are on the road, taking their sound beyond the borders of Texas.

Morpheus Promotions will present Shotgun Party in concert at 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 27, at Paschal Winery, 1122 Suncrest Road, Talent.

The band's original songs draw influences from early blues, honky-tonk, country, bluegrass and Depression-era swing. The band describes its sound as "original whacked out jazz country music."

Others have characterized Shotgun Party's take on bluegrass as urban, down-home and bucolic with an infusion of modern alternative sensibilities.

Shotgun Party features traditional instruments — upright bass, guitar and fiddle. Andrew Austin-Petersen (formerly of the Shake 'Em Ups) plays upright bass. He's the newest member of the band, a replacement for former bass-player Christopher Crepps.

Katy Rose Cox plays fiddle, and coaxes a wide range of sounds from her instrument.

Jenny Parrott plays guitar and sings lead vocals. She does most of the songwriting for the group and has quite a range to her singing.

The group's harmonies are tight, their stage presence is lively and quirky.

Kinky Friedman, the well-known Texas musician, wrote, "Jenny Parrott has the purest most un-decaffeinated voice this side of Loretta Lynn."

The Club Helsinki Show Review at Metroland Online wrote, "Unheralded opening trio Shotgun Party blew the house away with a set of Texas swing that had one foot among the tumbleweeds and the other in outer space. Singer Jenny Parrot has an arresting, brassy voice with a permanent, fluttering vibrato, and a stage presence that was just art-school enough to let you know somebody up there's a-thinkin'. Kind of like a two-step Björk, without the annoyance factor. Fiddler Kay Rose Cox gets virtuoso honors for the night; her solos were hair-raising, heroic statements. Shotgun Party will be back, and when they are, go."

Tickets are $15. Call 535-7957.

The Austin-based bluegrass band Shotgun Party will perform original tunes at Paschal Winery. - Photo by Gabi