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The Long and Short of It at Johnny B's

Hard-hitting and fiery is how singer and front man Ben Johnson describes live performances by The Long and Short of It, a hard-core and metal band from San Diego.

"I'm kind of like a manic preacher from the end of time when I get on stage," Johnson says. "We put on a show that is really heavy. The songs are geared with science-fiction themes, putting the listener into post-apocalyptic stories that are thought-provoking.

"The world is changing incredibly fast, we're used to a comfortable world. But what if the world as you know it was destroyed?

"Maybe you should be learning skills, learning to use your hands, grow corn, build something, rather than learning data entry, just in case," he says.

Johnson writes the song's lyrics, bass player Brian Barrabee comes up with the principal riffs. The rest is flushed out during rehearsals with drummer Tim Johnson and guitarist Matt Strachota. The four musicians are veterans of the music scene in Southern California and have been playing together for five years.

"We have a good following in San Diego," Johnson says. "Our shows are sweaty testimonials to that. We play the Casbah, the Ken Club (The Kensington Club), The Radio Room, some others."

The Long and Short of It was nominated in 2008 for Best Hard Rock Band by the San Diego Music Foundation for the San Diego Music Awards.

Fans sold out a show in April at the Casbah where the band held a release party for its second full-length album, "CAW!: An Unkindness of Ravens." The CD was recorded by Mario Quintero at Black Box Studios in San Diego and released on the band's independent label, Black Rabbit Rebellion.

The Long and the Short of It is touring the West Coast behind "CAW!" with stops in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as Medford

"We're an in-your-face band," Johnson says. "But our show's aren't destructive. They're uplifting, motivational experiences — if things work out."

See myspace.com/thelongandshortofit for more.

Seattle band The Bug Nasties will perform garage, R&B and punk at the show at Johnny B's.

Cover costs $5. Call 773-1900.

Front man Ben Johnson warns audiences of apocalyptic changes with his band The Long and Short of It. - myspace.com/thelongandshortofit