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The Rogue Suspects at Roscoe's

Sitting in with talented bands is what the Rock Hard Horns do, bringing with them the power and energy of their instruments.

The group alternates musicians with mainstays Rico Salas on tenor and baritone saxophone, Gordon Greenley on alto and tenor sax and Jim King on trumpet. Regular additions to the group include Marshall Mueller on tenor sax and Gary Nelson, the Mail Tribune's editorial page editor, on the trombone.

Salas founded the group in 1990. Members primarily sit in with The Mixers, a jump swing band, but have been regularly teaming up with the Rogue Suspects in recent months. The two groups join forces again this weekend at Roscoe's BBQ in Phoenix.

Horns bring body, power and a little more soul to the music, said Jim King, who admitted to being a little biased as a horn player.

The Horns started with the Rogue Suspects about six years ago when they sat in and created horn parts for songs on the fly, said King.

The Rogue Suspects are known for never putting on the same show twice and tend to operate on a spontaneous set list that no one writes down. The Rock Hard Horns, then, must adapt tone, tempo and style in their parts, which are made up in the moment.

"They're just the best band around here — add a horn section and there's no stopping them," said King of the Rogue Suspects.

Rogue Suspects bass player Greg Frederick called the addition of the Rock Hard Horns the latest evolution of his band, showing off its jazzier side.

"They bring a texture of nostalgia — nostalgic value people like and appreciate," Frederick said.

Horn players joining the Rogue Suspects at Roscoe's this weekend will be Gary Nelson, Jim King and Marshall Mueller. Shows start at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, July 24-25. Cover is free.

Reach freelance writer Dawn Hatchard at dhatchard@gmail.com.

From left, Rico Salas, David Bolen, Greg Frederick (foreground), Dean Angermeier, Dirk Price, Gary Nelson and Jim King. - Bob Pennell