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Dryseason is Last Band Standing

Cool prizes, gigs at big shows, air play on the Rogue New Rock 96.9 and a music deal are at the top of the list for local rock band Dryseason, winner of the Last Band Standing competition held at Shenanigan's in Medford.

"We got a van to tour in," says bassist Mo Provolt. "And a Gibson SG guitar. Jason's (Townsend, lead guitarist) playing that. He's pretty happy about it."

KROG listeners can hear Dryseason's single "Believe" on the station's broadcast; Dryseason and TallBoy — one of the finalists in the Last Band Standing contest — opened the Papa Roach and Hinder show on Aug. 30 at Lithia Amphitheater in Central Point; and Dryseason has a slot this weekend at Bumbershoot, Seattle's music and art festival, alongside groups such as Sheryl Crow, Black-Eyed Peas and Modest Mouse.

"Just sharing the stage with Papa Roach and Hinder was pretty wonderful," Provolt says. "Along with the fact that we played in front of a couple of thousand people."

Dryseason also won a three-song music deal through Top Secret Records — one of Last Band Standing's sponsors — based in Eugene. Digital versions of the songs will be available at iTunes and other electronic music stores.

The Last Band Standing contest began a couple of months ago at Shenanigan's. Four bands competed every Wednesday night, and two were moved into the next round.

"We played three times before the final round," says lead vocalist Tanner Cowens. Drummer Jason Cake rounds out the four-piece rock unit. "Winners of the first rounds were based on the audience's votes. In the final round, we faced off with TallBoy, and we were judged by a panel of three."

When Dryseason entered Last Band Standing, it was a fairly new local band compared with others in the competition.

"A lot of the bands had bigger fan bases that we did," Cowens says. "Idle Threats, TallBoy. Those bands have been around for a long time."

So, along with practicing their songs all of the time, the band gave away about 300 hand-screened promotional T-shirts, about 2,000 CDs and copies of a music video of "Believe," produced by Robert James, at their shows.

"It all definitely helped build a fan base," Cowens says. "It was fun to see if we could catch up with the other bands."

The "Believe" video is posted on YouTube. Search "Dryseason music video."

"I was nervous the night of the final," Cowens says. "But the performance went really well. We probably played one of our best shows. TallBoy played well, too. We were pretty sure that they were going to take it.

"It was a surprise when they announced us as the winners," Cowens says. "TallBoy was great all the way through. We'll work together in the future."

Dryseason and TallBoy will present a show on Oct. 2 at Rogue Theatre in Grants Pass.

"I hope we can get a legitimate record deal, tour nationally, even internationally, and play a lot of big shows," Cowens says. "We're all passionate about music."

Left to right: Jason Townsend, Jesse Maurer, Tanner Cowens, Mo Provolt and Jason Cake are Dryseason. - Bob Pennell