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A new level of progressive jazz

Pascal Le Boeuf says that the best thing about having a musician for a brother is always having someone to jam with.

"Growing up together, Remy and I were competitive," says Le Boeuf. "We learned a lot that way. It was like having an extra set of ears to hear music."

Identical twins Pascal (piano) and Remy (alto sax), The Le Boeuf Brothers got their start playing music for tips on the streets in Santa Cruz, Calif. Later, they attended the Manhattan School of Music in New York City.

Still based in New York, the 24-year-olds have become part of a jazz scene characterized by odd time signatures, alternative rock and the influences of artists such as Radiohead, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Herbie Hancock, according to Pascal Le Boeuf. It's complex, but remains upbeat and accessible.

"Remy and I have an unusual and funny way of playing together," says Le Boeuf. "We communicate easily when we perform music."

The Le Boeufs' show at Paschal Winery will be as a quartet, with bassist Martin Nevin and drummer Michael W. Davis, performing a mix of songs from the Le Boeufs' 2009 album, "House Without a Door," and music that will be released on a new album due out in September.

The new album will be titled "Answer the Question, Question the Answer" and will feature Henry Cole (Miguel Zenon) on drums, Linda Oh on bass and Mike Ruby on tenor sax.

"We all went to school together at the Manhattan School of Music," says Le Boeuf. "So we have some tricks up our sleeves."

See www.lbjazz.com for information.

Identical twins Pascal and Remy Le Boeuf play a sophisticated brand of modern jazz. - Photo courtesy of Pascal Le Boeu