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GreenStone finds a classic rock groove

Godsmack meets Foo Fighters in GreenStone's new sound. "If you saw us before, it doesn't compare to what we are now," says frontman and guitarist Joe La Pierre.

Until last summer, the Ashland band, which included La Pierre, bassist Paul Harmon and a drummer, played mellow, jam-based rock 'n' roll. The band has had three drummers in the past six years.

"It's like we couldn't pick a genre," La Pierre says.

But in June 2011, GreenStone got a facelift when La Pierre and Harmon decided to engage the help of drummer and good friend Gary Glosser, formerly of Fluid.

Glosser joined GreenStone for Shenanigan's 2011 Last Band Standing competition. Out of 24 participating bands, the trio was one of four bands that made it to the finals.

"With Gary, we play more hard-rock, anthem-type music that makes you want to sing along with the chorus and anticipate where it's going," La Pierre says. "Halfway through a song, people were starting to catch the chorus and sing it back to us."

The band packaged its new sound on "GreenStone," its second full-length album and first with Glosser.

"There's so much music out there, it's hard to say it doesn't sound like anything else, but it does sound different," La Pierre says. "It's taking the classic-rock feel — because I'm an old-school guy — and adding newer, heavier, hard-rock progressions."

The lyrics are insightful with subtle messages about standing up for what you believe ("Never Fall") and finding humor amid life's uncertainties ("Laugh").

"The first song on the album is called 'Rest of My Life,' " La Pierre says. "It's about finding something that really means something to you and doing it for the rest of your life. For us, that's music."

A CD release party is set for 7 p.m. Friday, June 15, at Main 1 Arts Center, 821 N. Riverside Ave., Medford. Local rock bands Major Jones and All My Discretion will open the show.

Door prizes, including movie tickets, gift cards, copies of "GreenStone" and a free taxi ride, will be available starting at 7 p.m. Local rock band Headwayte will play before the show, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Advance tickets are available at Play N Trade and Bad Ass Coffee in Medford. Tickets are $5 in advance and $7 at the door. Call 541-774-3900 or see www.greenstonetrio.com for more information.

Left to right: Gary Glosser, Joe La Pierre and Paul Harmon are GreenStone. - Jamie Lusch