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Jim Quinby and Julia Roupp

Piano and vocal duo Jim Quinby and Julia Roupp has performed together for about 20 years, playing such venues as The Wild Goose Cafe in Ashland and Avalon Bar & Grill in Talent.

"We've been around long enough that we've performed in many restaurants that no longer exist," Quinby says. A case in point is the recent closure of Alex's Plaza Restaurant and Bar, where Quinby held a 26-year-long gig as a pianist on Sunday afternoons.

Quinby and Roupp rehearse once a week — whether they have a show coming up or not. The duo plays a mix of jazz standards and covers by such artists as Tom Waits and Bob Dylan, along with Quinby's originals which range through reggae, swing and pop.

Quinby knows his way up and down a keyboard and Roupp occasionally lends conga rhythms to the mix.

"We're good listening music," Quinby says. "There's a lot of material that you don't hear from other musicians. We get compliments on our repertoire."

Quinby and Roupp met all those years ago at the Safeway store in Ashland.

"Julia had been singing with an a cappella group called Hamilton Beach and The Blenders," Quinby says. "They were great. She asked me if I would teach her to accompany herself on piano. So she became one of my students, but quickly the roles reversed and I was accompanying her while she sang.

"We decided to go out and sing together publicly," he says. "We had a regular show at The Red Baron restaurant at the Medford airport. We performed the night that every television network was covering O.J. Simpson's slow car chase. No one was really listening to us. That was one of the most interesting nights we've ever had. Another was the night before a big air show, and pilots were practicing stunts out over the landing strip.

"When you've been at it as long as we have, you get to experience some very strange things," Quinby says.

Call 541-482-8242 for booking information.

Tom Waits' "Frank's Theme"

Jim Quinby and Julia Roupp