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Ever So Android at Club 66

While listening to the four songs that make up Ever So Android's self-titled EP, it seems hard to believe that the Seattle-based electronic rock band started life three years ago as an acoustic duo.

"Drew (Murray, guitarist for the band) would beat box and use a lot of looping," says singer Hope Simpson.

"We liked the songs," Murray says. "They were pretty and everything, but we were both just bored."

With Murray coming from a background of rock music and Simpson being more of a soul singer, Murray says it was hard to figure out the direction of the band at first.

"We didn't know what that middle ground was for a long time, so we would just write dozens and dozens of songs and throw them out," Murray says. "One thing would happen, and we were like, 'Oh, that's good. That's very Ever So Android,' and another little thing would happen in another song.

"We're still sort of figuring out what that means, but we're getting a little taste of it here and there."

Ever So Android will perform at 9 p.m. Saturday, April 19, at Club 66, 1951 Ashland St., Ashland. Seattle rockers The West will open the show. The cover costs $5.

For Simpson and Murray, the creation of their self-titled EP was the result of experimentation.

"It was the transition and journey we were going through musically," Simpson says. "We were trying to understand things and what exactly we were looking for."

Most of Murray's rock-guitar tendencies didn't fit with the band, prompting a change of approach.

"I started using a ton of effects," Murray says. "I would make the weirdest sound I could and say to Hope, 'Hey, write something over this.' "

While the duo originally tried to categorize their sound specifically, they now take a simpler approach.

"When people ask, we're just like, 'We're just rock 'n' roll.' I don't want to say it's more contemporary, but it's definitely our take on it," Murray says. "We spent so much time trying to explain what we were. We were like, 'Oh, we're kind of electronic and we have these rock elements.' "

Murray says the band wants its shows to be more than just their live music, it wants the show to be an experience.

"I grew up going to hardcore (punk) shows and I just missed that like crazy," Murray says. "We try to make things lively and have a lot of fun at the shows."

The musicians plan to release another EP, or possibly a full-length album, but they aren't in any rush.

"We have it written and have been demo-ing it. We've kind of just been sitting on it, waiting for the right opportunity," Murray says. "We really want to find the producer for us, someone who knows electronic music and gets the rock stuff."

Hope Simpson (left) and Drew Murray are Ever So Android. - Photo by Shane Williams