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Summer breaks and breakdowns

Whether your groove is old-school hip-hop, '80s pop or today's hits, downtown Medford touts more than a few late-night hot spots for dancing. Here's the short list of local deejays who spin dance music for crowds at 10 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, unless otherwise noted.

DJ Android

Style: Remixes of Top 40, hip-hop and electronic music.

Years as a DJ: 6.

Regular clubs: Sky Bar at Havana Republic and The Whiskey Room.

Originally from the Rogue Valley, Andy Scott, aka DJ Android, became interested in DJing while he lived in Pensacola, Fla.

"I was going to clubs there, as well as clubs in Louisiana," Scott says. "I saw those DJs and thought, 'I could do that.' When I moved back to Medford in 2006, I started researching gear and practicing. I did my first gig in October of 2008."

Scott specializes in song re-edits — he cuts songs and edits them to make them more conducive for the dance floor.

Ronnie Burns

Style: Old school and Top 40 hip-hop on vinyl records.

Years as a DJ: 20.

Regular clubs: Sky Bar at Havana Republic.

Ronnie Burns was 10 years old when he moved from his home in New Jersey to Los Angeles.

"Hip-hop definitely had strongholds in both places when I was growing up," Burns says. "I sort of adapted to the styles from both coasts."

At the age of 15, Burns took up break dancing, which opened the door to the DJ world for him.

"I would practice at my friend's house, and his brother had some turntables," Burns says. "I started messing around with those and went from there."

DJ Hope

Style: Dance, Top 40, hip-hop and '80s.

Years as a DJ: 14.

Regular clubs: The Whiskey Room.

Hope Caster, aka DJ Hope, entered the entertainment industry through line dances at Medford's Rock N Rodeo.

"I loved the line dances, and I was approached by the entertainment company to teach it at weddings," Caster says. "There was another DJ that I worked with, and after the first wedding, I told them I wanted to learn how to work the board and DJ."

Caster now runs her own entertainment company, Pure Sound Entertainment, and DJs private events in addition to her role as the resident DJ at the Whiskey Room.

Caster prides herself in her musical versatility, though her favorite style is '80s music.

DJ Red

Style: Hip-hop, R&B and Top 40 video mixes.

Years as a DJ: 15.

Regular clubs: Howiee's on Front.

Jared Davidson, aka DJ Red, is the entertainment director at Howiee's on Front and a DJ at Sights & Sounds Unlimited. As resident DJ for Howiee's, Davidson also does video mixes on Thursday nights.

"I put music videos up on the TVs around the bar and mix and cut the different songs together along with their videos," Davidson says. "I use all types of music."

Davidson became a DJ after he answered a classified ad in the paper.

"I was managing a Dutch Bros. and looking to do something else," he says. "I decided to give it a shot."


Style: Hip-hop and Latin.

Years as a DJ: 3.

Regular clubs: 4 Daughters and Habaneros.

Jorge Ramirez, aka DJ COCO, became a DJ through his love of sharing music.

"Music was a big part ofmy life, and I loved playing it for my family and friends," Ramirez says. "As I got older, I started to DJ private parties for friends and family."

Originally from Mexico City, Ramirez grew up in California, where he became interested in hip-hop.

Ramirez began professional work as a DJ three years ago at Habaneros, where he hosts a monthly Latino Night at 9 p.m. He also is the resident DJ and in charge of booking DJs at 4 Daughters.

Summer breaks and breakdowns