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Reader photos, November 2007

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Clare and Pat Steven's spot with a tree and rope swing taken in the summer of 2007. - Jan van Lienden
Spring 2006 out at the Applegate Lake - Jan van Lienden
What a life. - Nancy Capobianco
This is Eddie...it was taken when he was about 9 weeks old. I was taking his picture, and his curiosity got the best of him! - Jennifer Rettmann
November 3, 2007 Lane Community College, Crater High School Boys and Girls State Champions - Terry Croft
This was taken in late October near Mt Baldy. - Jamey Sanger
This was taken south of Klamath, CA on Hwy 101 in October 2007. - Jamey Sanger
my babies posing for a photo in our backyard. - Nicholle Brummett