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Aug. 1 lightning storm

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Taken Saturday August 1 - Greg Badger
Jackson County's big storm on August 1, 2009 - Vadra Bezner
I took this picture from my driveway (near Delta Waters) after the thunder started cracking. What a beautiful storm this was (except for the firefighters). - Matt Duncan
Hail falling on Eagle Point evening of Aug 1 2009 - Nancy Freeland
Near the Manor looking South. - Josh Morell
August 1st during the crazy hail storm out here in Eagle Point. My brother grabbed one hail stone that was easily the size of a ping pong ball. - Aleatha Isaacs
This was the scene in the middle of the hail storm out here in Eagle Point last night August 1st 2009. - Aleatha Isaacs
Hailstones and measure, evening of Aug 1 2009 - Nancy Freeland
Hail also covered our front yard. - Ellen Kimball
I had spent the evening chasing lightning for photo's. I returned home just before midnight when the storm started to mellow out. Well, it was just resting for a few... This photo was taken about 12:30 when the storm resumed in full force. No time to find a nice framed setting. So, I started shooting in my driveway. One strike was so intense/bright, that the photo appeared to be taken during the day. My wife and I sat there blinded for a moment from the flash... - Josh Morell
Lighting show in Shady Cove, Or 08/01/09 - Sandy Kyttle
This was pointed toward Ashland - Greg Badger
These were the size of a quarter with some as big as a golf ball. - Ellen Kimball
Sample of size of hail in storm over Eagle Point evening of Aug 1 2009 - Nancy Freeland