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August 2009

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He loves fruit, veggies and Reese's. - Michael Zarinski
Taken while on Front Street while at work. - Robert Williams
Taken while on Front street while at work. - Robert Williams
Brown bears at the Wildlife Safari. - Bob P
This is a photo of a fire last week near the South Medford Fred Meyer store. - Valerie Wright
This odd gem was growing between to planter boxes in our back yard. - Bob P
David Van Buskirk, a senior at South Medford High School, playing his trumpet at band camp. - Danielle Kriz
This is 08/14/09. A doe and her pup were up on the second level of Lithia Park looking for something to eat, it was so dry on the ground. - Dawn Norris
My husband and I were just ending our day at Crater Lake and taking one last look at the lake we just had to take a picture of this beautiful sight.It was the summer of 2007. - Donna Smith
Taken at the top of Hillcrest Road in Medford one night of the Perseids meteor showers. Even though I only captured this one, which I was thrilled with, the photography group I was with (Rogue Vally Photographers from Rogue Current) also captured some on their cameras as well. It was a beautiful night for many photo ops! I love the Dipper over the barn. - Kathy Hoevet
This is Blue and My Granddaughter Desting on 8/22/09. Its hard to beleive 10 months ago this was a horse that was starved and abused.You ran a couple articals last year on rescue horses and realy got me thinking . Plus I had just started at Grange coop and we were doing a lot of work with donations for the local rescue society.I seen this horse on craigslist 300 lb under weight just hurriable. Who would of thought he would be this loving majestic little girls dream. Just think people need to know these horses are worth saving . some are forever scared but some are capable of bouncing back with lots of Love and we all need something to love on its a win win situation - Toni Wilson
I was one of the first people on scene to the fire that consumed the old Ed's Oasis in Eagle Point. I am a firefighter off duty and always carry a digital camera in the car and just happen to live down the street from this fire. It went up fast and quickly became a three-alarm fire. The first few pictures are of a bystander trying to put the fire out with an extinguisher while standing under a burning power line. I advised him to move away so that he did not endanger himself. - Jeremy Roberson