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October 2009

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This dahlia was planted in memory of our dear brother-in-law, Al Mather, descendant of Stephen Mather who was the first director of the National Park Service. The beauty bloomed late this year and although there are four flowers on the plant at present, a freeze will come any time and take them away. We will love them and remember Al, again. - Maxine Davis
This is Gabby playing in some leaves of fall. - Greg Badger
While shooting photos in Jacksonville, this happened to show up in the developing process! - Matthew Wright
Bear creek Park,My daughter Taylor - Valerie Sardinas
My sister's house. 10/21/09 about 9 a.m. Electrical. - Angie
Taken on Saturday October 24, 2009 at Eastwood Cemetery. The cat was just sitting there - Rene Forncrook
This taken by Savage Rapids. - Greg Badger
These are a few pictures of my sister's house that caught on fire 10/21/09 around 9 a.m. - Angie
October 2009
Peyton is a 1 year old Mini Doxie, who just wanted to sleep a little longer that morning. - L. Cooney
Taylor flying. - Valerie Sardinas
This is a great archery buck that my grandson harvested on the mentor program. At only 11 years old he will have to work hard to top this great buck. - Tom Sharpe
The family has returned to their plot, to 'plot' out their halloween festivities! - Matthew Wright
Brandon (6) came to see his gramma, who had a total knee replacement last week and when he arrived his eyes got big and said NANA YOU NEED TO GET THOSE LEAVES ALL RAKED UP! It had only been a week since being there but the fall leaves have changed and started falling fast and furious! In gramma's defense, HONEY I know but not right now, OK? Brandon smiled. Where's a rake and I will do it! - Questa Knight
Taken above Gold Ray Dam.. Please don't remove the dam and erase this splendor. - Greg Badger
Taken above Gold Ray Dam. - Greg Badger
Taken above on the hills above Lithia Park on Sunday October 18th. Spent 6 hours in the park taking pictures of the beautiful fall colors! - Kathy Hoevet
North Medford vs South Eugene. - Steve Gall
Took this at the new Savage Rapids. - Greg Badger
North Medford vs South Eugene. - Steve Gall
This is a picture of my darling granddaughter Miley Gunderlock, enjoying Lithia Park on October 25, 2009. She turned quite a few heads! - Mary Gunderlock
This one seems to be watching over others...while we least expect! - Matthew Wright