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2009 December

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Time for some happy pictures... - Greg Badger
My son trying to keep his pants from falling down. - Clark Janowski
Remington is ready for Christmas. - Michelle Harkema
Davis on Thanksgiving Holiday 2009! We are thankful for you, Son! - Lisa Koester
Shot by 'Shuttertime1 Photography' My family and I went out to seek new water falls in the cold of winter and we found this spectacular falls just outside of Union Creek and the Gorge rogue River area. Camera used: Canon EOS 50D 15.1MP, Lens used: Canon 24-70mm L-series F/2.8 with Circular polarizer and +2 nuetral density filter to take away the high contrast of the falls and snow. Shot at 3:45PM at about 37 degrees cold... - Louis Ruth
Beautiful smallmouth bass caught at Emigrant Lake in October showcasing the angling oppurtunity in the Rogue Valley (please catch and release i do always)still in the lake for a young or old angler to have a great time reeling in a hard fighting smallmouth and hopefuly to be re-released back into the lake. - Colby Pearson
Teddy loves her new bed sooooooo much. - Nikki Fuhrer
Shot by 'Shuttertime1 Photography' On the corner of Tan Oak dr and Black oak. Shot with a Canon EOS50D camera, Lens used: Canon 10-22mm ultra wide with polarizer. Owners away from home and sprinklers kept sprinkling. - Louis Ruth
Shot by: Shuttertime1 photo Gallery of Medford. www.shuttertime1.com Shot specs: A Painting like scene was photographed on the way home from Apple-gate passing a stream / river noticing leaves being burned. Setting up for the photograph with a Canon EOS-50D camera and a Canon 10-22mm Ultra wide lens, a circular polarizer and +2 neutral density filter to even the smokey air flowing around the water. Shot on December 5th 2009 4:45PM. - Louis Ruth
Jazz band concert - Vickie Tompkins
Big Mamma is just relaxing on the Christmas garland and watching me decorate the tree. - Kathy Walling
Ah..I have found a home! - Joyce Hess
Santa, at Festival of Trees 2009! Merry Christmas - Lisa Koester
I was walking my dogs around 12:30 on Monday Dec 7th and ran into my apartment manager he said 'there is a cool icicle scene created by the sprinkler system by your apartment' I went out and saw such a beautiful scene created by nature and couldn't resist taking a picture. I am going to cut a few icicles for my preschool class for the letter I we are working on this week. - Dolores Cadwallader
This was taken at the light ceremony at the cemetery on December 18th 2009. - Tonja Tiry
Out riding the trails in prospect. Gods country! - Megun Lawrence
This was taken at the cemetery on highland near bear creek park. I was just shooting the event on December 18th 2009. - Tonja Tiry
Fountain on hwy 199 between Medford and Phoenix. - Jim Kincaid
My cat at home last year. - Julie Russell
Medford area on Tan oak drive corner house. Shot by 'Shuttertime1 Photography' Shot with a Canon EOS50D camera 15.1mp, Lens used: Canon 10-22mm ultra wide with polarizer. Owners moved out of house and sprinkler continued to flow. 12:00AM Monday. - Louis Ruth
I thought the street was just wet... a little decieving, my daughter put on her ice skates, and was skating on our street. 12/12/09 10:00am - Terry Croft
Weekend Photo trip I stumbled upon this gush off water off the road into Wilderville. Shot with a Canon EOS50D camera and Canon 10-22mm Ultra wide lens. Post effects completed in Adobe Photoshop CS3 include sepia tones with 31 layers of color overlay into scene. 5 hour effects project. - Louis Ruth
Snowshoeing off trail on the south side of Mt. Mcloughlin in May of 2009. This Marten was as currious about us as we were about it. - William Baker
Late August of '09' morning in Brookings, took this picture walking my dog going to the beach early morning. - Greg Stevenson
Driving the backside of Green springs is a chore in itself, let alone adding icy roads and 27 degree weather on a Saturday outing. This shot was taken with a Canon EOS 50D camera, Lens used Canon EOS 10-22mm ultra wide. Filters used: UV, Circular polarizer, tobacco filter. Sitting on a Manfrotto ball head tripod each foot upon a rock. The sun breaking through the clouds, shinning warmth and orange tones onto the ice. - Louis Ruth
Shot by 'Shuttertime1 Photography' On the corner of Tan Oak dr and Black oak. Shot with a Canon EOS50D camera, Lens used: Canon 10-22mm ultra wide with polarizer. Owners away from home and sprinklers kept sprinkling. - Louis Ruth
Photo taken 12/7/09 at Eastwood Cemetery during my volunteer hours. 1911 death. - Rene
Meea got some Raindeer ears for christmas! - Megun Lawrence
The Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl. My husband and I made this so we could share it with the neighbors!!! - Dana Daniels
East Jackson Street looking South toward Hawthorne Park. 12:41 p.m. December 11, 2009 - Doyle Baker
Shot by: Louis Ruth of Shuttertime1 Photo Gallery of Medford. Shot with a Canon EOS50D camera, Lens used: Canon 24-70mm L-series with UV and circular polarizer. The beautiful leaves that covered the ground, the deep green moss that scaled the trees and the brisk icy water that softly flowed by. These are the colors of early winter taken only days ago. December 2nd 2009 - Louis Ruth
Thanksgiving 2009 @ Lakewood Village! Happy Thanksgiving Logan and Happy Holidays to all!! - Lisa Koester
Our black Persian cat adopted from the Jackson County Animal Shelter. She is relaxing and enjoying her chair. - Kathy Walling