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Sharing dreams at Medford's MLK tribute

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'My dream is to share my music with the world and with people's hearts and minds and spirits.' Bridget Wolf, 47, Talent
'My dream is for real, true peace everywhere.' Juanita Menchaca, 52, Grants Pass
'World peace.' Reymundo Valdez, 18, Medford
'My dream is to see our country become more aware of social change and the constant struggle to pursue it.' Shawn Traub, 36, Medford
'My dream is for world peace, something my mother worked for her whole life.' Hal Bosworth, 80, Ashland
'My dream in life is to become an acrobat.' Sarah Thisted, 12, Medford
'I think it's important to be successful for myself and my family.' Alicia Uses Arrow, 17, Talent
'I wish that there would be world peace.' Connor Thomas, 10, Central Point
'I'm living my dream right now.' Nicole Thomas, 41, of Central Point, who just got a job helping veterans
'We all can learn to handle our emotions in a healthier way.' Tim Westfeldt, 51, Talent
'It would be that people don't go hungry.' Mary O'Neal, 34, Ashland
'To live in a world where everyone wants to feel unity and have the freedom to do so.' Michael D. Fox, 31, Ashland
'Seeing kids grow up in a world where there is no prejudice.' Ann Lowe, 63, Medford
“My dream is for my family to grow as much of our own food and live off the land in a sustainable way, and to have mutual respect between us all.” Rhianna Simes, Ashland
'That we have peace and honor the Lord.' MaryAnne 'Granny Dollar' Petersen, 81, Ruch
“One of my dreams is to be effective for all the causes I care about.” Michelle Glass, 27, Talent
'E-racism.' Aymeric Parat, 42, Ashland