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Local Veterans in Action

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This is my dad, Herm Yates, on Veterans Day 2014. He served in WWII and was wounded in France trying to save another soldier. Nov. 11 is also my dad's birthday. He will be 94 this year and lives in Central Point with Carole, his wife of 73 years. Photo by Diane Stark
'I was armed and ready to guard my camp,' says CS Kline, who shared this photo. The photo was taken at the 404th Radio Research Unit near Tuy Hoa, Vietnam.
This was our camp mascot, Damdog. I put my camera on a sandbag pile and it took the picture for me. It was taken near Tuy Hoa Air Base, South Viet Nam. Photo by CS Kline
Our father was in the Army from 1944-1964 and became the top combat photographer when assigned to General MacArthur. He was assigned to cover the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, Finland. He passed in 1999, but his memories live on through his children, family and historic photographs. Thank you for your service dad, we miss you. - Photo submitted by Cordeiro Ohana
25-year reunion of B-52 H crash on Dec.6, 1988 at KI Sawyer AFB, MI. Picture taken at Air Museum on KI Sawyer AFB, MI - now closed. Formally Crew R-23 (L-R) Jim Hermann, Dan McCarrick, Derral Phillips, Mike Debruzzi, Mark Hartney, Greg Smith, Joe Vallie, Will Kroger. - Photo submitted by Anthony Phillips
U.S. Air Force Sgt. Carl Bartlett, a combat reporter for Far East Air Force in Korea who now lives in Medford, is shown on the K-2 Airstrip outside Taegu, Korea, in front of F-80 Shooting Star Fighter Bombers. Bartlett shared this photo.
The passport photo on top was taken in 1967 before Cliff Josey went to Vietnam on a special assignment. The photo below was a favorite of his taken when he and his wife, Helen Josey, first moved to Oregon in 1968.
U.S. Army veteran Cliff Josey, who served in WWII and Korea, is shown at enlistment. Photo submitted by Helen Josey
I took this picture of the Cholon Market in Saigon in 1971. Photo by Harry Krumlauf, LTC Ret., U.S. Army, 1958-1978
Barbara Holtz of Gold Beach shared this Dec. 31, 1944, photo of her father, Rudolph A. Meier, from WWII.
U.S. Navy divers Albert Berg and Patrick Bush at MY Chanh Bridge in Vietnam. Photo courtesy of Patrick Bush
Ian Bennett in Iraq in 2003. Photo submitted by Amy Bennett
Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Sarah (Roper) Murphy, a 1995 graduate of Mazama High School, embraces her children March 19, 2011, upon return from a deployment aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. The Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group stopped in San Diego on its way home to Everett, Wash., following more than six months deployment. Murphy retired from the Navy in September 2015 after 20 years. Her mother, Karen Buel, sent in this photo, taken by a Navy photographer.
Sp4 Howard Lavick, Army combat photographer, at Lang Vei near the Laotian border, Feb. 5, 1971. I was covering the Vietnamese incursion into Laos as a combat photojournalist for Pacific Stars and Stripes.
Private 1st class Edmund J. Olberding, U.S. Army, Company K , 264th Infantry, Black Panthers of the 66th Division; Rome, Italy; 1945, age 21. He was a German interpreter for the U.S. Army. Basic training at Fort McClellan, Alabama. Photo submitted by his daughter, Debra Olberding. - Debra Olberding.
Johan Holtz, U.S. Air Force, served 2 tours in Iraq, 1 tour in Kuwait, 1 tour in Afghanistan, and provided humanitarian aid to Haiti. Photo by Barbara Holtz
Picture taken at Patrick AFB, FLA, 1 week before crash of B-52 H on Dec. 6, 1988. (L-R) Capt. Mark Hartney, (P) 1st Lt Mike Debruzzi, (CP), AIC Joe Vallie, (G), 1Lt Jim Hermann, (N), 2Lt Dan McCarrick, (EWO)Capt Derral Phillips, (RN). Photo submitted by Anthony Phillips
This is a picture of my dad, Claron Gove, while he was stationed in Germany during WWII. Photo submitted by Sharon Dillingham
To honor our mother this Veterans Day: Lucille Mary Namahanaikeleleokalani Kekipi Kamakahukilani, Service 1952-1958. Army had to revise dog tags to say Kekipi and/or Kip because her last name was so long. She met our father, Msgt. Frank O Cordeiro Jr., in New York at Governors Island, and they later married. He's passed, but she still remains vibrant and active at 84 years in Trail. Thanks, Mom, for your service, we love you! - Cordeiro Ohana
Bobi Henderson