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2015 Wild Bird Photo Contest

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Randy Young, Central Point - Dark-eyed junco
Melvin Clements, Ashland - Western grebes rushing on Klamath Lake.
Norman Barrett, Medford - Red-necked grebe flyby on Agate Lake that was shot from a canoe.
Karl Schneck - Fledged great gray owl
Randy Shipley, Medford - Storm of snow geese (and one white-fronted goose) taking flight in the Klamath Basin.
Michael Clark, Ashland - Backlit image of a western scrub jay in flight.
Randy Shipley, Medford - Barn owls
Melvin Clements, Ashland - Rough legged hawk
Jesse Hodges, Ash;land - Albatross in flight
Melvin Clements, Ashland - Blue winged teal
Howard Hunt, Medford - Male anhinga displaying near nesting site in the Florida Everglades
Melvin Clements, Ashland - Snowy egret goes on alert
Dave Rott, Klamath Falls - Leucistic bald eagle
Melanie Tucker, Klamath Falls - Gadwall lifting off from the water at the Miller Island Wildlife Area.
Gayle Mitchell Stokes, Jacksonville - Roseatte Spoonbill flies against a blue sky
Randy young, Central Point - Spring goldfinch
Gayle Mitchell Stokes, Jacksonville - Puffin is on a rock in Svalbard, Norway.
Brian Winkler, Jacksonville - Hummingbird on a chestnut blossom
Melvin Clements, Ashland - Great gray owl in flight.
George Peterson, Ashland - Juvenile bald eagle takes flight
Randy Young, Central Point - Steller's jay
Jesse Hodges, Ashland - Osprey with its catch