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Bearz 'n the 'hood

A mama bear and her cubs continued this week to make the rounds in Ashland neighborhoods “above the boulevard.” This family was in the Beach Street area south of Ashland Street on Monday and Tuesday, and presumably were the same seen Thursday as mama and at least three cubs frolicked in a tree on Liberty Street, one street over from Beach.

A few days later, on Thursday night, May 24, a wildlife camera caught images of bear cubs on Tracie Stubbs' deck on Weller Lane (off Ashland Street near its west end).

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Sarah Bronson submitted these pictures, which she said were taken "across the street from my house (on Beach Street on Monday). My friend and I were looking for my missing cat and happened across a mama bear with her cub. ... Mama and cub scampered high up in a tree where she stood on a branch huffing at us. Baby bear slept on a branch above mama. ... Cat still missing."
Sarah Bronson's photo of a cub lounging on a tree branch.