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Podcast: When a pregnancy turns into cancer

"When you face the possibility of death, which is something you do when you get diagnosed with cancer, you look at every single day differently. You start to appreciate the little things and the time and stop worrying about the smaller things." - Michelle Velez

Michelle Velez is a news anchor in Las Vegas, a mother of two, a wife, and, most recently, a cancer warrior.

In the fall, Michelle was diagnosed with cancer, specifically stage 4 Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasia. This type of cancer came about because of a molar pregnancy.

Within days, Michelle went from the excitement of expecting her third child to learning a baby hadn't formed, to believing she was miscarrying to hearing she had cancer.

In this episode, you'll hear more about this type of pregnancy. One of the important things to Michelle is to make sure more women know about this. You'll also hear about what it's like being a mom of little ones while battling cancer and what Michelle has learned about herself in this fight.