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Q&A: Josh Camp, South Medford

What don't people know about you they might find interesting?

I was born here in Medford but moved to the Seattle area after turning 1. I lived in Seattle until I moved back to Medford at the age of 12.

What major-league player do you admire or take after?

Albert Pujols because of his dedication and work ethic.

What's your personal highlight in sports?

Being a part of last year's South Medford baseball playoff run.

What would you change about high school sports?

I'd try to create the type of excitement for baseball that football and basketball enjoy here in the valley.

What superstition do you have before or during a game?

I have a certain way I put on my batting gloves every time. I also have a series of habits I repeat on the pitching mound that I can't really go in to.

If you could spend an hour with a famous figure, who would it be and why?

Warren Buffett. He sounds like a very level-headed and down-to-earth guy even though he is the second richest human on Earth. Giving away most of his fortune through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is something I admire.

What's your favorite school subject and why?

Math. It's fun and I've always been pretty good at it.

What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

Enjoying life as a financial planner with my wife and children. Maybe having some fun coaching (trying to pass on the great things I've learned from my coaches over the years).

Josh Camp is a junior pitcher/third baseman on the South Medford baseball team.