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North, South in good position at district

ROSEBURG — North Medford advanced 10 wrestlers to the semifinals and South Medford sent seven after the first day of the Southwest Conference district wrestling meet Friday at Roseburg High School.

Of Roseburg's 28 total wrestlers, 22 advanced to the semifinal round. The Indians head into today's final rounds with 174 team points, ahead of North with 1131/2. Grants Pass has 911/2 points, followed by South Medford (74), South Eugene (32) and Sheldon (29).

"In the semifinals you can score big points," North coach Nolan Harris said. "There's still a lot of wrestling. Anything could happen."

North's Alex Smith (103), Cody Wedman (130), Zach Willits (140), Ryan Mahoney (145), Cory Haggans (152), Mark Dickison (160), Brian Endecott (171), Kade Peden (171), Kody Bonham (189) and Robert Ross (215) advanced to the semifinals.

South's Sierra Land (119), Steven Lines (119), Zach Snyder (125), Ken Hyland (152), Rob Switzer (171) and Jacob Henrichs (215) reached the semifinals.

"Overall, I'm pleased with the way they are wrestling," South coach Sergio Gonzalez said.

The Panthers' Justin Wolf at 112 also reached the semifinals after byes in the first two rounds.

The semifinals begin today at 11 a.m., and the finals start at 5 p.m.

The top three wrestlers in each weight class advance to the Class 6A state tournament in Portland on Feb. 14-16.

Friday's SWC Results

TEAM SCORES — Roseburg 174, North Medford 113.5, Grants Pass 91.5, South Medford 74, South Eugene 32, Sheldon 29.



SECOND ROUND — Zack Paterson, GP, dec. Andy Wasil, SE, 12-5; Alex Smith, NM, pinned John Riedburger, She, :17.


SECOND ROUND — Mitchell Lofstedt, Ros, pinned Dustin Weidman, NM, :28; Sierra Land, SM, pinned Kyle Perry, GP, 2:25; Alex Littlefair, GP, dec. Harold Stephens, Ros, 7-5; Steven Lines, SM, pinned Talon Barber, She, :10.


FIRST ROUND — Carlos Gitzen, SM, maj. dec. Zach Wheeler, NM, 12-0; Shawn Barton, GP, pinned Zach Childers, She, 2:44; Zach Snyder, SM, pinned Chris Nichols, She, 2:47; Phil Jovanovic, NM, pinned Miles Alberts, SE, 1:29.

SECOND ROUND — Tyler Lander, Ros, pinned Gitzen, SM, 1:05; Eric Calclano, SE, maj. dec. Barton, GP, 10-2; Snyder dec. Ryan Allen, Ros, 2-0; Justin Eldred, GP, pinned Jovanovic, NM, :24.


FIRST ROUND — Dega Westerhoff, SE, pinned Ethan Brown, SM, :47; Ammon Ebert, NM, pinned Kelly Harvey, SM, 1:37.

SECOND ROUND — Jay Tovey, Ros, pinned Brown, SM, 1:07; Cody Wedman, NM, tech. fall Calvin Peters, GP, 15-0; Dylan Fauver, GP, pinned Forrest Rasmussen, SE, :17; Seth Thomas, Ros, maj. dec. Ebert, NM, 13-4.


FIRST ROUND — Taylor Stewart, GP, pinned Chaz Shand, NM, 3:56; Brett Hulstrom, SM, dec. Calvin Gording, She, 10-4.

SECOND ROUND — Sam Mecham, Ros, pinned Stewart, GP, :49; Jackson Hoyt, She, pinned Michael Rake, SM, 3:07; Ben Lewis, Ros, dec. Jesse Hornbrook, NM, 9-4; Mike Cowell, GP, pinned Brett Hulstrom, SM, 10-4.


FIRST ROUND — Zach Willits, NM, pinned Taylor Trimboli, She, 3:45; Aaron Byrd, SE, pinned Jon Sitter, SM, :48

SECOND ROUND — Dylan Westwang, Ros, pinned Hunter Fields, GP, 2:50; Willits, NM, pinned Josh Bokish, SM, 1:30; Dylan Fors, Ros, pinned Byrd, SE, 3:47; Eric Stewart, GP dec. Gage Jacobson, NM, 10-4.


SECOND ROUND — Ryan Mahoney, NM, pinned Dylan Snyder, GP, 3:38; Zach Baker, SE, pinned Cory Herrington, Ros, 5:00; Justin Hoy, GP, tech. fall Branden Todd, NM, 21-5; Tony Castro, Ros, pinned Colter Therrell, SM, :50.


FIRST ROUND — Danny Burns, GP, pinned Derek Major, NM, 2:47.

SECOND ROUND — Ken Hyland, SM, pinned Burns, GP, 1:01; Ben Matthews, Ros, dec. Wiley Nelson, SE, 6-0; Devon Fors, Ros, pinned Jordon Townsend, SM, 5:37; Cory Haggans, NM, pinned Trevor Macy, GP, 1:29.


FIRST ROUND — Elliot VanSyoc, GP, pinned Lucas Zoll, NM, 1:54; Ken Veach, SM, pinned Cason Cunningham, She, 1:34.

SECOND ROUND — Ken Kelley, Ros, pinned Jeffrey Jackson, She, :44; Michael Stevenson, SE, pinned VanSyoc, GP, :58; Tyler Brookbank, Ros, pinned Ross Miles, GP, :53; Mark Dickison, NM, pinned Veach, :30.


FIRST ROUND — Cooper Strom, She, maj. dec. Conner Veach, SM, 15-6; Brian Endecott, NM, pinned Travis Kurth, SE, 1:32; Matt Keller, Ros, pinned Reid Neese, She, :48; Kade Peden, NM, pinned Parker Goodwin, GP, 1:30.

SECOND ROUND — Brandon Romano, Ros, pinned Strom, She, 15-6; Endecott, NM, pinned Travis Marval, GP, 1:13; Rob Switzer, SM, pinned Keller, Ros, 5:04; Peden, NM, pinned Nathan Crow, SE, 1:54.


FIRST ROUND — Myles Converse, NM, pinned Diego Evengelista, SE, :37.

SECOND ROUND — Nick Shoesmith, GP, pinned Converse, NM, 3:26; Brady Feasel, Ros, pinned Justin Snoke, SM, 3:56; Joe Hennricks, Ros, pinned Michael Lutman, GP, 3:25; Kody Bonham, NM, pinned Tony Soto, SE, 1:33.


SECOND ROUND — Brad Mable, Ros, pinned Cody Brooks, NM, :30; Brendon Johnson, She, pinned John Brinkley, GP, 3:05; Jacob Henrichs, SM, pinned Michael Perez, Ros, 2:56; Robert Ross, NM, pinned Johnny Konieczny, GP, 1:00.


SECOND ROUND — Derek Nielson, She, maj. dec. Aaron Stine, GP, 11-3; Jordan Guthrie, Ros, pinned Wylie Brown, SM, 3:22.



SECOND ROUND — Allen, Ros, pinned Wheeler, NM, 1:47; Jovanovic, NM, pinned Childers, She, 4:50; Nichols, She, maj. dec. Barton, GP, 15-3; Gitzen, SM, pinned Alberts, SE, :49.


SECOND ROUND — Ebert, NM, pinned Westerhoff, SE, 1:41; Harvey, SM, maj. dec. Calvin Peters, GP, 18-9.


SECOND ROUND — Hulstrom, SM, pinned Shand, NM, 3:55; Stewart, GP, dec. Calvin Gording, She, 9-2.


SECOND ROUND — Byrd, SE, pinned Trimboli, She, 2:59; Sitter, SM, maj. dec. Fields, GP, 19-7.


SECOND ROUND — Major, NM, pinned Macy, GP, 2:53.


SECOND ROUND — Zoll, NM, pinned Miles, GP, 2:39; VanSyoc, GP, pinned Cunningham, She, :21.


SECOND ROUND — Crow, SE, dec. Veach, SM, 7-6; Keller, Ros, pinned Kurth, SE, :59; Marval, GP, pinned Neese, She, 3:10; Goodwin, GP, pinned Strom, She, 1:30.


SECOND ROUND — Lutman, GP, pinned Evengelista, SE, :29.