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Ashland juniors Barton, Charter soar on slopes

ASHLAND — Ashland juniors Jay Barton and Mimi Charter took first place Sunday in the Southern League Slope Style high school snowboarding competition at Mount Ashland.

Barton, who finished 15th in the discipline at last year's state championship meet, edged classmate Noa Yates 299-271 for first place among the boys. South Medford's Sy Murdoch was third, the only member of the top nine who is not an Ashland student.

Sunday's scores will be added to scores from next Sunday's slope style event to determine qualifiers for the state championship meet, to be held March 6-8 at Timberline ski area on Mount Hood.

Charter took first place in the girls competition, beating her sister, freshman Maila Charter 237-205.

Competitors are judged on degree of difficulty, landing, overall style and height of jumps on two jumps, one box and one rail along the 300-yard course. A score of 400 represents a perfect run. Each competitor is given two runs and only the best score counts.

Barton was seventh after the first of his two runs with a 216 score. But he put together the day's best run on his second trip down the mountain, recording a 299.

"On the first run, they were testing the waters, holding back a little bit," Ashland coach Matt Faurot exexplained. "Then they can push the boundaries a little bit the second time."

Yates, who was third in the event at state last year, improved from a 206 on his first run to a 271 on his second run. Murdoch jumped from 179 to 267 to capture third place.

On the girls side, Mimi Charter came out of the gate hot. Starting ninth, she put down the day's best run on her first time down, with a score of 237.

"She was popping hard off each lip, which propelled her further," Faurot said. "Her rail tricks were perfect."

Ashland riders took the top four places among the girls.

Southern League Slope Style

Sunday at Mount Ashland


1, Jay Barton, Ash, 299. 2, Noa Yates, Ash, 271. 3, Sy Murdoch, SM, 267. 4, Colin Darling, Ash, 256. 5, Sam Barco, Ash, 254.

T6 , Shale Pagel, Ash, 251. T6, Ed Dickey, Ash, 251. T6, Chance Connor, Ash, 251. 9, Richard Sayler, Ash, 248. 10, Cody Diehl, SM, 244

T11, Kavi Taraka, Ash, 240. T11, Jonathan Williamson, CC, 240. 13, Jed Gretz, 237. 14, Dylan Hersell, Ash, 234. 15, Ryan Clark, NM, 230

16, Dash Moyers, Ash, 228. 17, Francesco Minniti, Ash, 223. 18, Timothy Williams, Ash, 216. 19, Sean Siders, SM, 214. 20, Patrick Boldish, NM, 211


1, Mimi Charter, Ash, 237. 2, Malia Charter, Ash, 205. 3, Alisha Jucevic, Ash, 194. 4, Becca Margulies, Ash, 175. 5, Alyssa Linckens, SM, 164

6, Natalie Kennedy, SM, 159. 7, Kassie Choi, NM, 154. 8, Lauren Angel. St. M, 152. 9, Sophie Scheer, Ash, 133. 10, Adrien Young, NM, 112

11, Nikki Thomas, NV, 71. 12, Jessica Clement, St. M, 59. 13, Kysa McSky, Ash, NS.

Ashland’s Ananda Goldsmith performs a twisting grab off a table-top feature during the Southern League Slope Style competition at Mount Ashland. on Sunday.Andy Atkinson photo