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Azzi plan will break ties in Southern Sky Conference

The Southern Sky Conference has a plan in place to break potential ties.

Heading into tonight's regular-season finales, Crater (3-0 SSC), Ashland (2-1), Klamath Union (2-1) and Eagle Point (1-2) each have an opportunity to earn one of the conference's three Class 5A state-playoff bids.

If Ashland and Klamath Union win, it would create a three-way tie for first place. If Crater and Eagle Point win, it would be a three-way tie for second place.

In the event of a tie in the standings, the head-to-head result will determine the higher seed. However, because of two potential three-way ties, the conference has instituted the AZZI plan, which uses a point system to seed the teams.

The teams involved in the tie are awarded or penalized up to 14 points per game played against the other squads in the tie. Therefore, contests against teams not involved in the tie aren't counted, unless there is a tie after the AZZI points.

For example, if Crater defeats Klamath Union and Eagle Point beats Ashland, there would be a three-way tie between Klamath Union, Ashland and Eagle Point for second place and the final two playoff spots.

Because Klamath Union defeated Eagle Point by 10 points, but lost to Ashland by six points, Klamath Union currently has four AZZI points.

Ashland has six AZZI points for its win against Klamath Union, but the Grizzlies' points would change based on the result tonight, the same as Eagle Point, which has negative 10 points for it's loss to Klamath Union.

If there is a three-way tie for first place, Crater's forfeit win against Ashland will be scored as a 14-0 victory.