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Rogue River collects Southern Cascade Hybrid awards

Rogue River utility player Brian Stinchcomb was named the Southern Cascade Hybrid baseball player of the year.

The senior played second base and third base and pitched for the Chieftains, who finished 8-12 overall and third in the league standings with their 6-6 record.

Joining Stinchcomb on the first team were teammates Michael Freitas, Dylan Gomez and Cody Worthington.

Other first-team picks were Illinois Valley's Andrew McLaughlin, Mason LaFlamme, Tyler Robbins and Fred Hults, Cascade Christian's Isaiah Luzny, Daniel Scottow, Andrew Sha, Justin Cheney and Josh Brite and St. Mary's Daniel Seus.

Illinois Valley's Bob Johnson was given coach of the year honors.

In softball, junior pitcher Lacey Swangel was named the SCH player of the year for Rogue River, which went 12-11 overall and 8-1 in conference play.

Other first-team selections were Rogue River's Danielle Taylor, Ashley Rabitoy, Kailin Honea, Sarah Segura and Josie Pratt and Cascade Christian's Cassie Zimmerer, Jordan Martinez and Meghan Higday.

Dennis Artoff of the Chieftains was the coach of the year.

All-SCH Baseball


Pitcher — Andrew McLaughlin, Sr., Illinois Valley; Isaiah Luzny, So., Cascade Christian; Daniel Scottow, Jr., Cascade Christian.

Infield — Michael Freitas, Sr., Rogue River; Mason LaFlamme, Jr., Illinois Valley; Andrew Sha, Sr., Cascade Christian.

Catcher — Daniel Seus, So., St. Mary's; Tyler Robbins, Sr., Illinois Valley.

Outfield — Dylan Gomez, Sr., Rogue River; Fred Hults, Sr., Illinois Valley; Jake Miller, Sr., Cascade Christian.

First Base — Cody Worthington, Sr., Rogue River; Justin Cheney, Sr., Cascade Christian.

Utility — Brian Stinchcomb, Sr., Rogue River.

Designated hitter — Josh Brite, Jr., Cascade Christian.

PLAYER OF THE YEAR — Brian Stinchcomb, Rogue River.

COACH OF THE YEAR — Bob Johnson, Illinois Valley.


Pitcher — Trevor Callaghan, Jr., Lakeview; Kollen Roohr, So., Rogue River.

Infield — Ryan Ross, Jr., St. Mary's; Cody Coggins, Fr., Cascade Christian; Brandon Hileman, Sr., Lakeview.

Catcher — Tristan Jones, So., Cascade Christian; Murphy Cockrell, So., Lakeview.

Outfield — Dan Leavens, Jr., St. Mary's; Connor Engle, Sr., St. Mary's; Seth Arias, Jr., Illinois Valley.

First Base — Josh Free, Sr., Illinois Valley.


Infield — Gunnar Bier, Sr., Lakeview; Cody Clemens, Jr., Lakeview.

Outfield — Sam Hough, So., St. Mary's.

Designated hitter — Garrett Carpenter, So., Rogue River; Lander Nordal, Jr., Illinois Valley.

Utility — Luke Dusenbury, Jr., Cascade Christian.

All-SCH Softball


Pitcher — Lacey Swangel, Jr., Rogue River; Trish Boothe, Sr., Lakeview; Danielle Taylor, Fr., Rogue River.

Infield — Ashley Rabitoy, Sr., Rogue River; Lacey Swangel, Jr., Rogue River; Kailin Honea, Jr., Rogue River; Cassie Zimmerer, Sr., Cascade Christian.

Catcher — Jordan Martinez, Sr., Cascade Christian.

Outfield — Meghan Higday, Sr., Cascade Christian; Tori Crumrine, Fr. Lakeview; Mandi Brooks, Jr., Lakeview.

First Base — Sarah Segura, Sr., Rogue River.

Utility — Josie Pratt, Fr., Rogue River.

PLAYER OF THE YEAR — Lacey Swangel, Rogue River.

COACH OF THE YEAR — Dennis Artoff, Rogue River.


Pitcher — Thea Barker-Cortrecht, Sr., Illinois Valley.

Infield — Taylor Stancliff, Sr., Lakeview; Idalis Calvert, So., Illinois Valley; Jesenia Bryant, Sr., Lakeview.

Catcher — Rachel Leal, So., Lakeview; Keyanna Augustadt, So., Illinois Valley.

Outfield — Kaelea Reber, Jr., Rogue River; McKenna Britton, Sr., Cascade Christian; Maliya Stewart, So., Illinois Valley.

First Base — Becky Larson, Sr., Lakeview.

Utiliy — Rebekah Ratcliff, Fr., Cascade Christian.


Infield — Tori Thorsted, Sr., Lakeview; Sarah Miller, Fr., Cascade Christian.

Catcher — Sara Perkins, Jr., Rogue River.

Outfield — Abigail Miller, So., Illinois Valley; Corissa Holmes, Jr., Rogue River.

First Base — Haley Casebier, Sr., Cascade Christian; Shelbie Mason, Sr., Illinois Valley.