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Phoenix garners Skyline first-team honors

Phoenix outfielders Tiona Hurd and Adriana Mereida-Ford and Pirate senior pitcher Aaron Hutchinson were selected as first-team all-stars on the Skyline All-Conference softball and baseball teams, respectively.

Hurd, a sophomore, and the senior Mereida-Ford were outstanding for the fourth-place Pirate softball team, which finished 7-8 in league play.

North Valley coach Charlie Case was picked as coach of the year after guiding the Knights softball team to a third-place finish with an 8-7 record.

McKenna Armantrout, a Henley sophomore catcher, was given the top player award

Hutchinson, a 5-foot-9 righthander, was 3-4 in league play with a 0.77 earned run average for the Pirate baseball team. He had 42 strikeouts and six walks in 37 innings pitched.

Hutchinson was also selected to the second team as a shortstop, with a .360 batting average and a .team-best .550 slugging percentage.

Henley senior Will Howard, a first team pitcher and catcher, was rewarded as the conference player of the year.

All-Skyline Conference



Pitcher — Mike Hults, Hidden Valley, Sr.; Will Howard, Hen, Sr.; Aaron Hutchinson, Phoenix, Sr.

Catcher — Will Howard, Henley; Sr.; McKinnon Bennett, Hidden Valley, Sr.

First Base — Vaughn Vallejos, Klamath Union, Sr.

Infield — Chase Fernlund, Henley, Jr.; Payton Foe, Klamath Union, Sr.; Roman Fretz, Hidden Valley, Jr.; Darren Brown, Henley, Jr.; Elias Stegemiller, North Valley, Jr.

Outfield — Coleman Davis, Hidden Valley, Sr.; Caleb Crowell, Mazama, Sr.; Brock Weitzel, Klamath Union, Jr.; Hunter Rasica, Henley, Jr.

Utility — Brandon Tron, Mazama, Sr.

Pitcher of the Year — Mike Hults, Hidden Valley, Sr.

Player of the Year — Will Howard, Henley, Sr.

Coach of the Year — Tim Cleland, Henley


Pitcher — Chase Fernlund, Henley, Jr.

First Base —Zack Morris, Hidden Valley, Jr.

Infield — Aaron Hutchinson, Phoenix, Sr.; Kyle Botermans, Phoenix, Jr.; Gaige Parry, North Valley, Jr.; Kade Kissel, Hidden Valley, So.

Outfield — Joey Lancaster, Mazama, Jr.; A.J. Munoz, Hidden Valley, Sr.; Triston Hay, Phoenix, Sr.

Utility — PJ Balbin, Klamath Union, Jr.

Honorable Mention

Mike Edwards. Mazama, Sr.; Patrick Budden Klamath Union, Sr.; Jay Segura, North Valley, Jr.; Kyle Botermans, Phoenix, Jr.; Joey Lancaster, Mazama, Sr.; Gage Hamblin, Klamath Union, Jr.; Zack Morris, Hidden Valley, Jr.; Daniel Goodell, Henley, Sr.; Jarid Norberg, Hidden Valley, Jr.; Bill Miller, Klamath Union, Fr.; James Turnbull, Phoenix, So.; Jake Hampson, Mazama, So.; Darron Henderson, Henley, Sr.; Jaykob Pereira, Hidden Valley, So.; Nate Austin, Henley, So.; Cody Wright, Mazama, Jr.; Max Potter, Phoenix, Jr.; Chuck Hobgood, North Valley, So.



Pitcher — Sydney Allison, Mazama, Sr.; Mackenzie Virtue, Henley, Jr.

Catcher — McKenna Armantrout, Henley, So.

First Base — Anna Sheadel, Mazama, So.

Infield — Megan McAllister, Henley, Sr.; Mara Oachs, Hidden Valley, Jr.; Amber Lease, Mazama, Jr.; Briea Baley, Henley, So.

Outfield — Mckenzie Brown, Henley, Jr.; Amber Dechenne, North Valley, Jr.; Tiona Hurd, Phoenix, So.; Adriana Mereida-Ford, Phoenix, Sr.

Utility — Smara Allred, Mazama, So.

Pitcher of the Year — Sydney Allison, Mazama, Sr. and Alexis Virtue, Henley, Jr.

Player of the Year — McKenna Armantrout, Henley, So.

Coach of the Year — Charlie Case, North Valley


Pitcher — Bailee Tally, Phoenix, Sr.; Emily Allen, North Valley, Sr.

Catcher — Samara Allrea, Mazama, Jr.

First Base — Mikala Mohr, North Valley, Sr.

Infield — Diane Miller, Mazama, Sr.; Alyssa Horne, Henley, So.; Alyssa Wallack, Phoenix, Sr.; Amanda Stewart, North Valley, So.

Outfield — Katie Allen, Hidden Valley, Jr.; Chara Hescock, Klamath Union, Jr.; Bret Nevala, Mazama, Sr.; Gabby Edwards, North Valley, Sr.

Utility — Megan McAllister, Henley, Sr.

Honorable Mention

Mckenzie Elzner, Klamath Union, So.; Caitlin Lotspeich, Mazama, Fr.; Shayla Phillips, North Valley, Jr.; Sara Saurman, Phoenix, Sr.; Nehami De La Rosa, Mazama, Fr.; Hannah Sarganis, Hidden Valley, Sr.; Bailee Tally, Phoenix, Sr.; Megan York, Hidden Valley, Sr.; Kelsea Paulin, Klamath Union, Jr.